Who Will Win In NYC – Optimum Or Time Warner Or Verizon Fios?

Optimum Internet
Time Warner Cable

Who has the best service in NYC – Optimum, TWC, or Verizon FiOS? If you live in New York, it will be useful for you to

check out how these service providers match up. The comparison here will help you understand the areas in which each of these services stands out a step ahead from others.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS makes use of fiber optic networks, and is a very good option for media lovers. If you are looking for TV packages, you have Prime, Extreme, and Ultimate HD packages to choose from. Subscribers also have the option to choose between sports packages and premier channels on FiOS. The service also comes with mobile apps that help users to watch channels on mobile devices. If you opt for a Verizon FiOS triple play bundle, you get TV, home phone, and internet for about ninety dollars a month, and with a 2-year contract period.

Optimum Online

Optimum offers almost similar services as that by FiOS; but it aims on offering high-speed internet and other services to its customers as well. The customization extends to Optimum internet that allows users to choose between normal Internet, Ultra 50, and Ultra 101 packages. Optimum Online also offers unlimited calling features and special deals.

TWC Internet
Verizon FiOS

Time Warner

The services offered by Time Warner are not upgraded with fiber optic line, so users can expect slow internet. However, the advantage here is the low pricing. If you do not need bigger data packages, then Time Warner offerings are the best for you. Besides, the company has said that they will soon upgrade to fiber optics to offer high-speed internet services to their subscribers.

When you compare all these three service providers, you will understand that each of the service has its own advantages. Verizon is the winner in terms of internet speed and reliability and you can opt for their services if stream a lot. On the other hand, Time Warner would be the ideal choice for budget conscious households, whereas Optimum would be the best for people looking for bundle deals.

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