TWC Offers Exciting Sports Packages To Subscribers

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Exciting Sports Package

Time Warner Cable offers exciting sports package to their subscribers. TWC packages bring the major sports events from all over the world to your TV sets at an affordable price. So, if you are an ardent sports follower, then TWC is the perfect choice for you. Here are some of the sports packages offered by Time Warner Cable.

MLB Extra Innings

MLB Extra Innings is the best and most popular sports package offered by Time Warner Cable. The subscribers get access to live coverage of over 80 out-of-the-market and regular games each week through this package. Furthermore, the subscribers can also enjoy home and away team feeds for the selected matches.

The MLB.TV channel included in this package is a treat for the baseball fans. This package is available to the customers at a price of $119.96. However, subscribers can also purchase this package through the half-season offer.

MLS Direct Kick

The MLS Direct Kick package allows you to follow your favorite MLS teams. This package is available to the subscribers at a comparatively low price of $59. Subscribers get access to almost 240 regular season baseball games through this amazing package.

The Direct Kick channel included in this package offers live coverage of 20 MLS games. Sports fans can also watch latest highlights, pre-match and post-match shows, expert opinions on regular games, and many more by subscribing to the MLS Direct Kick™ package.

TWC Sports Pass

The TWC Sports Pass package consist of almost 25 channels, which brings exclusive live coverage of most popular sports events from all over the globe. ESPN College Extra, FOX College Sports, and PAC-12 Networks are the most popular channels available in this package.

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Sports Channel On Demand

The ESPN College Extra channel gives subscribers access to live college football, basketball, and baseball matches, where the FOX College Sports channel broadcast NCAA collegiate events, and PAC-12 Networks airs NCAA championship sports events. The cost for this package is only $10 per month.

NHL Center Ice

This package from Time Warner Cable is exclusively for hockey fans. Subscribers can enjoy live coverage of major hockey competitions through this package. Furthermore, multi-game view feature is also enabled in this package.

Hockey lovers can also watch the highlights, expert talk shows and analysis on each and every game through this package. TWC also offers dual feeds for selected games under this package.

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