Time Warner Media Says TV Is Still The Best Way To Reach Audiences

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YouTube has been very vocal lately about how it has been drawing viewers away from linear TV, but TWC apparently doesn’t agree. Recently, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki made a claim recently at Brandcast that the company is able to get to more 18-49 year olds on the mobile platform alone, than TV networks through their main transmission media.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if somewhere down the line, one of the TV broadcasters disputed that claim, but TWC brought out the fire less than a day after the announcement. And they did it at the NewFronts presentation at the Edison Ballroom. TWC asserts that TV is still the best way to reach audiences, including millenials.

The company didn’t specifically take on Wojcicki’s comments, or even talk about the upcoming merger with Charter, but several of its execs did take shots at services like Facebook, YouTube, and others which claim that TV is one the way out. Head Marketer, Fred Bucher, said that it isn’t about choosing between cable and digital TV, because cable is digital these days. He also said that ad-tech metrics couldn’t be relied on.

“While it’s all digital, not all digital impressions are created equal,” he stated, pointing to Yahoo’s claims in October that their NFL Live Stream brought in 33.6 million streams and 15.22 million unique viewers, which turned out to be a bloated figures. At the time, NFL’s broadcast rates were about 11 times higher. Bucher also raised Nielsen data that shows TV as the medium for 95 percent of average video consumption on devices.

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For millenials, TV still makes up 88 percent of the video consumption by device, and in this, PC video lands at 8 percent score, while smartphone and tablet comprise 2 percent. TWC also shared its NewsFronts stage with competition last year, setting up a summit for executives from Comcast, Cox, and Cablevision, so that they could discuss digital innovation in the cable industry.

This year TWC made a solo presentation as well, although it kept to its longtime message: moving ad money from broadcast and cable is still not the smart thing to do.

EVP and COO Joan Gillman, who also serves as Chairman of Video Advertising Board, spoke about a study conducted by VAB recently, which found that among adults, Facebook stands 158th among current TV programs, while YouTube comes in 354th, Instagram 1,420th, Snapchat 2,331st, and Twitter 2,902nd. For millenials, these platforms fare marginally better, but are still a stretch behind TV shows.

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