Time Warner Cable Removes New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television

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Time Warner Cable removed New Tang Dynasty’s signal on June 30 due to a business dispute. New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV was airing on channel 1414 and was broadcasting for 10 years on Time Warner Cable in New York.

The Chinese channel, based in New York, broadcasts programs criticizing the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Because of its non-corrupted reporting, the channel has gained huge popularity among Chinese citizens who wanted to know what is really happening in China.

Apart from NTD, Time Warner Cable also airs 16 other Chinese channels, but none of them gives an uncensored report or programs as NTD. As stated by Samuel Zhou, spokesperson for NTD, “Given our experiences and understanding of the media environment in China, it’s deeply important for us to be able to offer a free and independent voice for the Chinese community.”

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The chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York, Justin Yu, wrote in a letter to the Time Warner Cable highlighting that “New Tang Dynasty TV is an important Chinese language TV channel for my constituents.” “Many of them see it as a lifeline for critical, uncensored news and information, free from Chinese government control,” he added.

New Tang Dynasty rose to fame with the news of the 2003 SARS epidemic spreading in China before the public announcement of the Chinese regime that happened three weeks later. Supporters even say that the channel delivers news that regular publications and newspapers don’t.

Chen Pokong, an author of books on Chinese political culture, said that many print publications and news channels in North America are either owned or under the control of the Chinese communist regime. “Other overseas Chinese media propagate the Chinese regime’s anti-humanity, degenerated values, but NTD promotes free speech, free press, and freedom of belief, which are universal values that America embraces,” he said.

One of the most popular programs in NTD is the commentary on current affairs by Shi Tao. Renowned democracy activist, Zhang Shouguang, said that “it’s very meaningful political commentary.” Another popular program aired on NTD is the lecture series by Zhang Tianliang, on pre-modern Chinese history and culture. Tianliang is a professor at the Fei Tian Academy of Fine Arts in upstate New York.

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