How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

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Boost Wi-Fi Speed

Everyone needs a stronger, faster and reliable internet speed. All rely on one’s own broadband connection not just for surfing through sites but for streaming music, videos and movies as well. When all of a sudden, your video stops and starts buffering, it will be frustrating not just for you but the one who views it s well. Here we give you few tips on how to boost your Wi-Fi speed.

Latest Wi-Fi Technologies

Using up-to-date hardware is one of the best ways to ensure that your network provides fast and reliable speed. In order to get fastest speed using wireless and even newer wireless, AC would be advisable.

Find The Best Spot For Placing Your Wi-Fi Router

It is always best to keep your routers in open such that it is free from any obstructions. Pointing the antennas perpendicularly and ensuring that it is kept at the centre of your house helps in getting the best coverage throughout your home.

Password Protection

Ensure that no one is borrowing your Wi-Fi. Always keep an eye on the password and ensure that it is changed frequently. By keeping it password protected, you can make sure that only authorized people are using the network.

Wi-Fi Repeater

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Old routers can be turned into an extender. Wi-Fi repeater can be used if you are having a big property or house. These devices help in extending the range of your network ensuring better connectivity.

Keep Your Router Updated By Updating The Firmware

Visit your vendor’s website to check for updates. If any, download and install it on your system; it helps in improving the performance.

Reboot Your Modem Or Router

Rebooting your modem or router on a regular basis helps in cleaning things up. Outlet timer is available that helps in setting a timer where automatic resetting will take place as per the set time.

By trying out the above hacks, you will be able to analyze that your Wi-Fi has become more faster and reliable than before.

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