Cable Bills May Go Up For Former TWC Customers

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Users of Time Warner Cable know that Charter Communications took over TWC and they believe that things are same as the old company. At least, Jack Cohen of Culver City believed so, until he got his first bill from Spectrum. He said that he had been paying about 140 dollars per month to TWC for TV, Internet, and phone services, however with Spectrum internet, his bill has gone up to 162 dollars for a month.

“I guess they’re trying to get their $8 billion back as quickly as possible,” Cohen said, referring to the sum TWC paid to be the exclusive distributor of Dodgers games. However, reports say that Charter is not planning to raise up the cable rates for all their users.

Dennis Johnson, a representative for Charter, said that Cohen’s bill increased because his twelve-month promotional price expired just before the first bill from Spectrum was issued. Yet again, this does not mean that TWC customers are immune to what happened to Cohen. It can happen to any former Time Warner subscribers in California.

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As the current promotions and bundles of the former TWC subscribers expire, Spectrum will transition users to a newly priced list of service packages and this will mean an increase in subscription charges for many of the users. At the same time, Charter says that they do not lock their customers in long-term contracts, which, according to the company representatives, would allow subscribers to cancel their service whenever they wish. Nevertheless, this also means that Charter can increase the rates any time.

The prospect of price hike seems to validate the warning of critics before the merger of TWC with Charter. “Spectrum is proving the worst suspicions of consumers,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, a Santa Monica advocacy group. “Bigger isn’t better when there’s only one broadband line coming into people’s houses.”

Some of the critics thought that chief executive of Charter, Tom Rutledge, would offer TV channels at a lower price, but that is not what is happening at present. Users would have to wait until Charter shares some official declaration about the price details.

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