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Time Warner Internet Services

Time Warner is one of the leading triple play services out there. It offers home phone, internet, and television services at affordable price ranges. Prior to the entry of satellite services in the television entertainment industry, Time Warner used to be the primary resort of people when it comes to TV services.

Time Warner services are cost effective. Until recently, the company used to have its customer base in urban areas. But today, TWC services are available in most areas, including rural and urban. If you were looking for the best triple play service, Time Warner Cable would be an ideal choice for you.

Time Warner Cable Wi-Fi-enabled Internet

Time Warner Cable offers Wi-Fi enabled internet. It claims to offer good coverage. Under normal conditions, you would be able to keep your devices connected as far as 150 feet. Obviously, this would be more than you need in order to connect your devices anywhere in the home.

Find out a good location in your home to place the Wi-Fi modem. Although TWC’s Wi-Fi internet offers 150 feet coverage, if the Wi-Fi modem is placed in a corner or in a location from where the signal cannot be transferred to all places in the house, the result would be undesired. Therefore, before getting your Wi-Fi modem installed, it is good to seek the advice of an expert, perhaps an authorized technical support representative from TWC.

Alternatively, you can refer Time Warner Cable TV guide to get a glimpse of how to set up the Wi-Fi modem effectively so that the performance would be excellent.

About Time Warner Home Wi-Fi

Time Warner Cable TV Guide
Time Warner Triple Play

Home Wi-Fi is an integral part of Time Warner Cable’s triple play services. This option helps you stay connected to the internet always. The company offers a Wi-Fi enabled internet modem when you order their services. Once the modem is installed and the connection is activated, the Wi-Fi signal will be available throughout your home.

The Wi-Fi modem is installed by professionally trained and experienced technicians who are authorized by the company. They would not only assist in you in setting up the modem but also would help you with password protecting your Wi-Fi connection.

Time Warner triple play services are affordable and reliable. You can contact the company’s customer support desk at any time when you need any help. Alternatively, you can refer Time Warner Cable TV Guide for quick help.

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