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Sling TV has just announced that they are introducing On-Demand and live internet television services on tablets and Windows 10 PCs for their subscribers. Sling subscribers can access this offer by downloading the Sling TV app from the Windows Store. This offer is available to Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and all other Sling TV packages.

Subscribers will get an opportunity to watch their favorite movies and popular TV shows at their convenience through this amazing offer from Sling TV. In addition to this, Dish Network has also guaranteed that they will continue their support for its PC app that runs on Windows devices, and also ensured that the PC version will be available on Windows 10 devices within a few months.

CEO of Sling TV, Roger Lynch said, “Enabling billions of hours of content consumption among tens of millions of users in the U.S., Windows 10 is a natural platform for Sling TV as we continue to make it easier and more convenient for consumers to access our service. We have invested significant resources and hours in creating a superior Sling TV experience on Windows 10 that highlights the platform’s unique features.”

Tuula Rytila, corporate vice president, post sales monetization (PSM), Microsoft said, “We’re excited for customers to experience the Windows 10 Sling TV app, taking advantage of capabilities unique to our platform, such as Cortana voice commands and Live Tiles. Microsoft continuously works with industry leading partners to bring high quality apps to the Windows Store and we’re pleased to offer Sling TV as another way for consumers to experience live TV on Windows 10 devices.”

Sling TV subscribers will receive several latest features in Sling TV’s Windows 10 platform. The new interface is pretty much simple and a few of these features are listed below.

Live Tiles

This amazing feature in Sling TV’s Windows platform will enable the users to easily see the contents from “continue watching” and “favorites”.

Cortana Voice Integration

The Cortana Voice Integration feature will enable the users to search for their favorite TV shows and movies by voice.

Vertical Main Menu

The Vertical Main Menu feature on Sling TV enables the subscribers to easily find the programs offered by the network.

Responsive User Interface

The Responsive User Interface enabled by Sling TV would automatically adapt the video into different sizes.

Touch Compatibility

Sling TV subscribers can easily access Sling TV on Windows 10 either on touch or non-touch Windows 10 devices.

Sling TV is facing a challenging competition from its competitors even though they are the first major provider in TV streaming platform. Sling has done quite well since its launch and has attracted numerous subscribers to their offerings due to the quality service and entertaining content they offer in their packages.

Furthermore, Dish Network’s Sling TV was also the first provider to add NFL Network, which targeted the youth and sports fans in the country. Sling TV has also been aiming to add more channels to their offerings in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

In a recent announcement, Sling TV declared that they have added NHL Network to their offerings. Sling TV is the first online streaming platform to acquire the rights for this sports network.

“With hockey season already in full swing, die-hard fans are donning their jerseys, and Sling TV makes it easy and affordable to watch NHL Network wherever they are, so they don’t miss a single slap shot,” said Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.

“As the premier streaming destination for sports, we continue to offer fans nationwide the games they can’t live without, whether they love soccer, college football, pro football, MLB playoffs, the NCAA basketball tournament, and now NHL hockey,” he added.

DirecTV Packages
Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic

The addition of NHL Network in Sling TV will allow subscribers to access over 75 games, which includes the upcoming match between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, scheduled for October 22. In addition to that, Sling TV subscribers will also be able to watch the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic between Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets on October 23. NHL games will also be available on NBC Sports Network and NBC channels.

Sling TV subscribers can access the NHL Network by subscribing to the providers Sports Extra package. Sling Orange customers can add this package to their channel lineup for an extra $5 per month. However, Sling Blue subscribers will have to pay $10 per month, if they wish to subscribe to the Sports Extra package.

Earlier, Sling subscribers had to subscribe to both Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages to get all channels offered by the streaming platform, which cost them $45 per month. However, Sling has cut $5 from their bundle package, which allows the customers to access all Sling TV contents at $40 per month.

NFL Network Dropped from a Streaming Service and an IPTV Service

AT&T® has got into a carriage dispute with the National Football League, dropping the NFL RedZone channel and NFL Network from the Dallas-based telecommunications company’s DIRECTV NOW® and U-verse® services. “We have a long history of working with our distribution partners to come to fair agreements. That said, in order to come to an agreement there must be a willingness to communicate, to exchange proposals, to sit down and negotiate,” said a spokesperson of NFL Networks. “Unfortunately, as it pertains to AT&T®, we never heard a word from them until NFL Network and NFL RedZone were pulled from the AT&T® U-verse® and DTV Now services.” DIRECTV NOW®, U-verse® and DIRECTV® are owned by the Dallas-based telecommunications company. U-verse® is an
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Music Companies File Complaint against Telecom Giant Quoting Promotion of Piracy

The music industry has registered complaints against Charter Communications®, mentioning that they are promoting piracy indirectly. The music industry complains that Charter® benefits from music piracy by refusing to delete the accounts of users who download copyrighted songs unlawfully. Furthermore, the lawsuit also mentions that the company promotes piracy by providing high-speed internet. Although providing high Internet speeds is not a violation of any law, they will be held liable if they allow the disobeying users to keep using the account. The leading music companies like Warner, Universal, and Sony registered a complaint against the best internet provider in US District Court, Colorado. The complaint claims that Charter’s low key approach to the issue means that they allowed the illegal
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The Fastest Internet Provider Activated its 5G Network in 7 More Cities

AT&T®, the fastest internet provider in the United States of America opened its high-speed 5G connectivity services at 7 more cities in the nation. This increased the count of cities in the country to receive the 5G network of the best internet provider to a total of 19. That is, AT&T® currently is ruling the field by offering 5G networks in more number of cities in the United States when compared to any other internet providers at the moment. However, the customers will have to wait until the carrier sells a smartphone that is compatible with 5G network connectivity. Currently, there is no smartphone available that is compatible with this technology. On top of that, the consumers cannot purchase the
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Telco Giant Teams Up with Togo to Provide 4G LTE Connectivity to American Recreational Vehicles

One of the best internet providers in the United States of America, AT&T® who often comes up with the best cable deals and cheap internet offers, currently teams up with Togo in order to provide 4G connectivity to the RV’s in the nation. This will be a great option for all the RV junkies or frequent trippers to stay connected with their friends, family, and other close members. Togo Roadlink is now all set to deliver the power of the 4G LTE network of the telecommunication giant, AT&T® to RV users in the nation. Note that the RV users can use this digital connectivity service irrespective of the model, year of manufacture, or the make of their campervan. Furthermore, founded
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The Popular Cable Provider to Power OTT Advertising

One of the popular internet and cable providers, Comcast®, who often comes up with the best cable deals is currently collaborating with Hearst Television in order to power an OTT video advertising system. Note that Hearst television is one of the best broadcasting company in the United States and is owned by Hearst Communications. The company owns and functions radio and TV stations serving more than 21 million households across 39 states in the nation. With this latest collaboration, Hearst television will be able to power its Hearst Anyscreen over the top video solutions to the advertisers by means of the Freewheel technology and Marketplace partnership of Comcast®. It is to be noted that the FreeWheel is a Comcast® company
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Comparing ISPs Providing the Fastest Internet

Internet speed is something that is being thought about a lot in the massive world of broadband services. One of the most impressive things about the broadband internet system is that a number of researches are being carried out in this field regularly for increasing the total download speeds. This improvement is mainly due to the tight competition among various broadband internet service providers in the US as well as due to the rise in consumer demands. Most of the consumers of this day have shifted their focus towards areas like internet telephony, cloud storage options, and HD video streaming services. The common thing needed for all these technologies is faster broadband speed, and this has become the driving force
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The Best Family Oriented Cable TV Package

Many people wonder what local channels are. The term local is generally used for representing familiarity with certain area or technology. When it comes to the cable TV context, it is used to give an idea of the geographical conditions near the place where the television networks are set up. Most of the cable network operators usually cover a vast area in a geographical scale, and provide some additional international channels at a higher cost, grouping them together with other cable TV bundles. This is most likely the only default package they provide to their customers. This is not the same in the case of DirecTV® though, which is much of a wholesale operator. The bandwidth and satellite variation of
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Dave Watson Talks about Video Streaming and its Prospects

The XFINITY® X1 platform is usually associated with Comcast’s premium and expensive cable bundles as well as high-end equipment. However, the cable giant may be considering ways to expand it to other devices. The Chief Executive Officer of Comcast Cable®, Dave Watson, said the video platform is expandable and that it can get “deeper into other profitable segments.” Watson said, “We’ll look for ways to extend X1 into more broadband-focused segments over time.” That means the XFINITY® video experience could be enjoyed on less pricey hardware solutions, which may have a more easy time reaching other similar segments. The Comcast Cable® CEO also wanted to clarify that the whole video category is extremely competitive in a few different ways. However,
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A New Video Platform Available to Business Customers

The XFINITY® X1 platform has been available to Comcast’s residential video customers for a while. Now, the company’s business subscribers can also get it. X1 for Business comprises easy search and navigation; picture-in-picture and voice control; and a sports content companion known as the XFINITY® X1 Sports App. The application includes team and player profiles, statistics as well as real-time and game-specific information. The Comcast® offering also has a voice-enabled TV user interface, which reads aloud selections such as program titles, TV network, and time slots, so businesses can cater to customers with visual disability in a better way. The cable provider is timing its X1 launch around the same time as the NCAA Basketball Tournament and this makes sense
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Major Collaboration among Telecom Giants

It has been less than six months since the acquisition of Sky® by Comcast®, but there have been several drastic changes in the business already. The company’s CEO explained the same recently as he spoke at the Deloitte and Enders Analysis Media and Telecoms 2019 conference. He said, “Just a few months after first coming together, we are already seeing clear benefits flowing in both directions. “For example, we’ll be bringing Comcast®’s own voice interface to Sky® Q later this year and our broadband customers in Italy will benefit from Comcast®’s xFi product.” He also added, “Profound change is not exception, it’s normal.” The Sky® deal went through in one of the biggest takeovers of the year 2018, and was
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