Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed At Home

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No one likes putting up with slow loading pages and apps when their Wi-Fi speed drops. Is faster internet the only way to fix it? You probably know how frustrating it is to have a movie or video chat hang because the internet is too slow. Getting a higher tiered connection will work, but it is not the only way to make your internet faster.

Find Out Why It Is Slow

There are a handful of factors you can check to find out why your Wi-Fi is slow.

  • Hardware: Outdated equipment may not be the best way to try and get internet at fast speeds. Ensure that the computer, modem, and routers can handle the speeds you are looking for.
  • Sharing: If your provider has not given you a dedicated connection, the one you have can get slow at times from all the other people using it. Come primetime and weekends, the connection could get mind-numbingly slow because of the increased traffic.
  • Multiple devices: With more people and devices accessing the internet in your home, the speeds can drop significantly. This is the case if more than one of you is using data intensive applications at a time. Streaming video, playing games online, and Facetiming all at once can bring the speed down to a crawl.
  • Location: Based on where you keep the wireless router, the available speed can vary. The router should be out in the open so that you get the best signal. For getting Wi-Fi in the entire home, it makes sense to place the router somewhere in the center.

How To Improve The Speeds

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It is always possible to get more bandwidth by switching up in plan, but there are other ways to fix the problem. Following are some affordable ways to do that.

  • Update Software: Your router need regular updates, and getting it that at the right times will probably let you reach new speeds.
  • Quality of Service settings: Many routers have QoS settings, which allow limiting or prioritizing the bandwidth that certain applications and services can use. Change these settings for limiting the bandwidth to some apps, so the others don’t have the speed throttled.
  • Extend the router: Lots of people successfully boost the range of their router through homemade Wi-Fi extenders. A lot of the times, this also allows for greater internet speeds and fewer interruptions.
  • Switch channels: Routers make use of different channels to get and send broadcast signals. Try changing these to move up the speeds and reliability.

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