Verizon Fios Vs Cablevision – A Comparison

Optimum Triple Play
Fios Vs Optimum

When comparing Verizon Fios and Cablevision/Optimum Online, there are a few things to consider. The first of these is the availability in your location, because it is only sensible to check the other aspects if you have both providers servicing in your area. Location wise availability can be checked on the respective websites, or by typing in your zip code.

Mode Of Service

Verizon Fios uses a Fiber optic connection, which runs directly to your home. Meanwhile, Cablevision uses old cable technology to get you Optimum triple play package or internet service. That means the former service can be a bit pricey, having you pay about $10 more a month than Cablevision would charge.

Nevertheless, Cablevision gives you an older coaxial internet connection that is slower than fiber optic. Even though it offers much the same services, Fios gets the better reviews almost all the time, and also has enough bandwidth to carry 4k TV content.

Fios is one of the only providers that provide enough bandwidth to be able to stream 4K reliably, and 4K is one of the rising technologies right now. However, it is not available everywhere in the country, because laying fiber optics is costly.

Internet Usage

Optimum Internet
Verizon Fios

If you have to rely on an internet connection to get the best in entertainment, Fios would be your best choice. For people working from home, playing video games online, or watching heaps of Netflix, this internet service is one of the best options available. Fios has lower ping and latency, which means you will feel you are on a faster connection.


When comparing based on pricing and deals, Fios and Optimum are pretty evenly matched, although the latter does bring the option beginning April to stream HBO NOW. The latest deals and bundles can be seen on the respective official websites.


With better picture quality than Optimum, Fios still falls behind in the channel lineup sometimes based on the package. If you watch a lot of TV in your home, it is good to compare the total cost, because Optimum may charge you more for the DVR. All in all, it is better to do a comparison with your specific need and preferences in mind.

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