Transformation Of Altice To A Leading Transatlantic Communications And Media Group

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Altice Cablevision Tie-Up

With the purchase of Cablevision, Altice, a multinational fiber, cable, content, telecommunications, and media company, has changed to a leading transatlantic media and communications group.

Cablevision acquisition has revealed Altice’s intention to build up and expand its operational and industrial strategy. Altice is also planning to introduce a centralized distribution of its resources soon, in order to increase its financial and operational performance.

Subsidiaries of Altice will be benefiting from the finest processes, practices, methodologies, and services from their management team. Following are the main areas of expertise of Altice.

  • Building and upgrading high-speed communication network.
  • Enhancing network quality.
  • Improving customer experience and customer relationship management by simplification, digitalization, and by using best IT platforms.
  • Providing customers with the best programs like documentaries, sports, news channel, and the best movies and TV series.
  • Leveraging marketing and branding synergies.
  • Promoting innovative ideas and creating competitive marketable products from technical knowledge.
  • Integrating, developing, and launching new services, products, and business models.
  • Creation of new content convergence and communication platforms with the help of the leading home hubs.
  • Delivering the best technology services, research, and development from Altice labs.
  • Selecting suppliers carefully and improving commercial and technical negotiations with them.

Altice also plans to take control of Intelcia and Parilis SA and its subsidiary ERT group to improve its customer care and technical capabilities. Intelcia is a customer service supplier and Parilis is a supplier in the field of network upgradation, maintenance and deployment from a long time.

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Improved Quality Services

Integration of these suppliers will improve the quality of services from Altice to its nearly 50 million customers. Further expanding its convergence strategies, Altice is intending to launch channel factory to make new channels and Altice studios to make original series and movies.

CEO of Altice, Michel Combes said that, “We are proud to further advance our Group transformation. Altice has been providing critical strategic and operational support to its subsidiaries enabling them to compete very successfully in their respective markets.”

“As we have significantly grown in size and invested into new markets over the last two years, we are focused on ensuring that the entrepreneurial, innovative DNA and operational excellence at the core of the Altice model continue to benefit our businesses in the most optimal manner while taking full advantage of the global scale of the Group. Our updated strategy will significantly strengthen our subsidiaries and put them into an even better competitive position to provide our customers with best-in-class services across all of our markets,” Combes added.

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