Optimum Subscribers In Connecticut Will Have To Pay More For Their TV Service

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The monthly price subscribers have to pay for the Optimum “basic tier” residential television plan was slightly raised by Altice a few weeks ago. Optimum subscribers in the lower Fairfield County, who have subscribed to this package, will now have to pay $17.95 in order to continue accessing their favorite TV channels, whereas subscribers in New Haven and Bridgeport will have to pay $16.95. However, the subscription cost is comparatively a bit less for Litchfield area subscribers, as the service will be available to them for $13.95 there.

Altice has already delivered a letter to the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority in order to notify them about the changes. The company also added that these changes would be effective from December 1, 2016.

The director of government affairs for Altice, Jennifer Young, said, “Other than the first increases to broadcast basic tier rates in nine years, rates will remain unchanged for Optimum TV packages. Optimum rates for the broadcast basic tier have not increased since 2007. These changes reflect the rising cost of programming, significant investment in the customer experience, alignment of Optimum pricing with the industry and the need to remain competitive with other providers.”

Altice is not the only cable provider who is increasing the cost for their package. Reports indicate that Norwalk-based Frontier Communications is also increasing the price for their Vantage TV service by $4 per month in the region of Connecticut.

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The acquisition of Optimum and Cablevision companies helped Altice to become the fourth-largest cable company in the country, the first three positions currently being held by Comcast, Charter Communications, and Cox Communications respectively. All of these four providers offer their service in Connecticut region.

Altice started to escalate the price for their TV service since last September. The customers were asked to pay $60 for field technician visit and $80 to fix any issues, which is not caused by the company. In addition to that, the company also charged $25 for installing the service.

“We provide our customers with superior products and services at a great value, continually introducing faster internet speeds and with plans to roll out an enhanced video experience in the coming months. Our pricing remains extremely competitive in the face of rapidly rising programming costs,” Altice spokesperson Lisa Anselmo said.

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