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Nomadix has been into Internet business for long and they have now announced an accessory for their AG 5900 bandwidth management gateway. This latest fiber module is particularly good for hotels, or similar establishments that have a visitor based network. This system makes use of fiber architecture and it needs fiber WAN points. The technology used in the system is Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) Fiber module. This ensures optimal performance, low power consumption, and low latency when compared to the copper base terminals.

With the increasing demand of Internet bandwidths, many of the four and five star hotels these days are upgrading their IT infrastructure to change from copper cable to fiber. In addition, fiber supports many new features that are not supported by the copper cables. The main advantage is that fiber can accommodate high bandwidth demands. AG 5900 SFP+ Fiber Module from Nomadix helps the hotels to support and offer fiber WAN connections. The device is equipped with a range of bandwidth conservation and management tools that helps the users to extend a wired or Wi-Fi network to offer a public network for Internet access.

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Having a fiber connection offers the best internet service to the user, that is, each of the users will get a fair access to bandwidth and those users who have paid for superior speed will be offered the same. Bandwidth offerings can be managed by the group, class, device, subscriber, or a combination of these categories. The AG 5900 device is much scalable, that is the device can support devices anywhere from 500 to 8,000 without any need to change the hardware or software. This wide range of scalability helps the firms to cater to the ever increasing number of devices.

AG 5900 is suitable for medium to large venues like hotels, stadiums, airports and convention centers. The device will be available as a factory installed one or an upgrade option for the users, by the end of 2016.

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