Comcast And NBC Try To Settle Scores With The Live Coverage Of 2016 Olympics

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In 2012, NBC and Comcast Network partnered with You Tube to bring coverage of all Olympic events online. However, TV viewers were forced to wait until prime time for the Olympic events and they wanted to know why they received late coverage. Some subscribers even showed their disagreement by using the hashtag #NBCfail on Twitter, which went viral within seconds. Viewers also complained about the spoilers regarding the outcome of the Olympic Games and other events as the results were known almost 6 hours before the events featured in television.

CEO and chairman of Comcast, Brian Roberts, is determined to solve the previous issue this time, and bring live streaming of all Olympic events to cable subscribers. Comcast is aiming to take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate the features of their new X1 set top box, which is capable of offering access to searchable databases and Olympics events streaming in high definition in real time. Subscribers with X1 set top box will gain access to more than 6000 hours of 2016 Olympics.

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“The Olympics to me are a bit of a laboratory for where the future of television could very well be going,” Robert said. “I’d add that they’re a useful periodic snapshot of what’s happening in the media industry. The Olympic experience on X1 will showcase the power of a massive, integrated, media-and-technology empire to deliver comprehensive coverage of the largest event in television history.”

Robert demonstrated the Olympic app and showed the ability of the app to select or mark your favorite athletes and the ability to display any of the related events. The 2016 Olympics will be a test for both NBC and Comcast on how they could live up to the expectations of their subscribers and deliver quality digital live programming service to them. Another significant question that pops up here, however, is whether the high quality X1 will be enough for NBC and Comcast to win over the cable subscribers. That, time will tell.

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