Choosing The Best Internet Service If You Are A Gamer

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With a lot of gaming going on these days, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this year, gaming revenue reached $91.5 billion. In 2017, it is protected to hit $107 billion.

The upside to gaming is that it does not require heaps of Internet bandwidth, and even though there are some niche stream video, these usually don’t run at the same speeds as a locally rendered high-end game. Most online gaming is easy to do if you have a decent Internet setup. And again, it doesn’t take up as much of your Internet connection as web browsing, or file sharing.

All when it comes to quality gaming, speed of your ISP is one of the least important things to be watching. The quality of the connection matters a lot more, and can decide how well you get to play online. Following are some ways to measure these factors, and some of the ISPs you may want to choose the option presents itself.

Checking The Connection Speed Online

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When you normally use an online service to check your connection speed, what you get is an index score that is the sum of 80 percent of the download speed and 20 percent of the upload speed. A 100 Mbps download speed and 20 Mbps upload speed would give you an index of 84. This calculation matters a lot for other things, but for gamers, a high-speed connection only has to be over 1 Mbps so they can use it the way they want.

Almost every little bit of game rendering is done locally, whether it is on a console, PC, or mobile device. This proves that speed doesn’t hold much sway over the way your gaming experience goes.

Low Latency

You need consistently low latency, and a steady connection between the gamer and the servers. If there are interruptions, it can prove problematic in your gaming. This is why a gaming ISP needs to be more than just fast.

According to the Speedtest comparison, which looks at download and upload speeds alongside latency and jitter data, Time Warner Cable came in last in terms of gaming quality at 70.7; while Midcontinent Communications and Optimum Online came in first and second, with Gaming Quality Scores of 22.5 and 30.3, respectively. Checking out more such comparisons can help you decide on an ISP to go with, if you are planning to switch.

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