Altice Closes Cablevision Call Centers At Stratford And Shelton

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The Netherlands based telecom company, Altice, acquired Cablevision recently and are now closing their call center and customer support facilities in Shelton and Stratford. It is reported that the closing down of call centers will cost about 600 jobs.

A representative with Altice confirmed their plan to close down the customer support operations, and stated that the local employees will have the chance to apply for open Altice positions in Long Island, New York, and New Jersey. She also added that Altice will offer severance for departing employees, but refused to provide any more details on the same.

Altice employees are not represented by any labor union in Stratford and Sheldon call centers. The Stratford and Sheldon closures are the largest layoff in Connecticut after the Hallmark Cards’ announcement that they would shutdown an Enfield facility by the end of the month. Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development spokesperson refused to comment on whether the state is planning to offer incentives to maintain jobs in Cablevision or not.

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The plan of Altice is to close down call center and customer support operations that is currently working at 99 Hawley Lane in Stratford and 5 Research Drive in Shelton. As per the reports, the restructuring will not affect field service operations of Altice in Connecticut or the twelve new station operations in Norwalk.

Altice spokeswoman Lisa Anselmo said that the Stratford and Sheldon operation became unnecessary and unproductive as there is a heavy drop in the call support volumes. “Over the last few years, there have been investments and enhancements to our Optimum products and services, making them more reliable and providing more customer service touch points than ever before. As a result, we have seen a significant improvement in customer call volume and patterns,” Anselmo stated.

Cablevision was acquired by Altice in June, 2016 for 17.7 billion dollars together with SuddenLink communications, making it the fourth largest cable carrier in the US, behind Comcast, Charter, and Cox Communications.

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