A Look At What Optimum Internet Is Like

Optimum Internet
Triple Play Package

Optimum Online’s internet service is famous for its high speeds and other convenient features. It is a popular option for people seeking super-fast internet, and who find it useful to have an app that gives unlimited access to their widespread hotspots. Currently, Optimum offers internet, TV and phone at $89.95 a month for the first two years, along with a free speed upgrade.

One of the other things included in the package is free internet protection, which is valued at $6.99. There’s also a Smart Router that allows for faster connections on all devices at the same time while you’re in the home, again, priced separately at $6.99 but free when you get the package. Optimum TV, meanwhile, brings you an expansive set of 260 channels including free HD and On Demand. You can also get Multi-Room DVR Plus free for the first year, which lets you rewind Live TV as well as record up to 15 shows at a time.

The telephone plan, Optimum Voice, lets you make unlimited calls to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It also brings more than 20 calling features, and that includes free 411. All in all, Optimum is a good bet for someone looking to stay connected in this day and age.

Optimum Online Ultra 101

The internet speeds offered in Optimum Online’s plans are blazing fast and can carry multiple device use pretty well. If that’s not enough, you have the Optimum Online Ultra 101 which brings twice the speed, with downloads hitting up to 101 Mbps. Add this to your package for just $10.00 extra a month and you’ll no longer need to put up with the hassles of buffering or broken connectivity.

Internet Security Protection

Optimum Triple Play
Internet Package

These days it is vital to have a security setup that keeps you safe from threats. Optimum’s Optimum Online Service comes with free Internet protection powered by McAfee, so your privacy is always safeguarded, and nothing can hurt your PC’s performance. This covers a real-time anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filters, and firewall. There is also protection against identity theft, social media hacking, etc. that extends to 20 devices.

This was some information on Optimum’s internet package, which can be coupled with TV and phone service for a better deal. The TV package comes with a Multi-Room DVR option.

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