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Many people wonder what local channels are. The term local is generally used for representing familiarity with certain area or technology. When it comes to the cable TV context, it is used to give an idea of the geographical conditions near the place where the television networks are set up.

Most of the cable network operators usually cover a vast area in a geographical scale, and provide some additional international channels at a higher cost, grouping them together with other cable TV bundles. This is most likely the only default package they provide to their customers.

This is not the same in the case of DirecTV® though, which is much of a wholesale operator. The bandwidth and satellite variation of DirecTV® are much wider, and thus, would offer its customers a good collection of channels. You would be able to enjoy a vast range of spectacular and astounding channels around the world, using this operator.

The major distinction between the wholesale dealer and local cable operator is that the local channels are actually distributed in a geographical sense.

Understanding the Difference

Assume that you are staying at a specific region of Rosenberg. The channels broadcasted in this region may have some channels from San Francisco city, which would be called local channels at San Francisco, but would be included as the default channels in the DirecTV® package there.

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In fact, in all of the DirecTV® package, you would be able to see that, the channel listings state some of its channels to be local channels. This is because all operators feature a certain number of local channels as the default channels in their cable TV packages, mainly due to the fact that these channels come together with the OTA standards.

Family Packages

All of the packages offered by DirecTV® are affordable for an average American. The DirecTV® Family package come along with one hundred channels and an additional thirty channels that are most loved by people all around the US. The customers are also given options to choose the list of channels they want based on their likes.

The 130 channels provided by DirecTV® features wide varieties of channels including Cinemax, Cartoon Network, Fox News, Starz, Fox Life, Vineland, TNC, and many other awesome channels. DirecTV® is called the “people’s network”, and that is totally justifiable in view of the best cable deals the provider offers to its customers.

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