Texas Southern University and Comcast® Enter into Partnership for Offering Xfinity on Campus™ Service

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Xfinity on Campus™ Service

Xfinity On Campus™ will now become available to the students of Texas Southern University under a new agreement planned with the cable provider Comcast®. This new collaboration between Comcast® and the Texas Southern University will offer the students access to a wide range of TV services. This includes On Demand content, Live TV, and recorded content using IP enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Roku players. This new offering is available to all the students within the campus and those staying at the campus housing facilities.

With the Xfinity On Campus™ service, the students are provided with about 80 of the live channels from almost all the main broadcast networks operating in the country. Other popular channels such as ESPN, MTC, and Bravo are also available with the service and via the Xfinity Stream® app and portal of Comcast®. This gives the students simplified access to their favorite TV channels and content using the Xfinity Stream® app for viewing the content offered to them through their subscription.

Dr. Raphael X. Moffett, the Vice President of Student Services, said, “Texas Southern is proud to offer Comcast’s cutting-edge technology to our students and enhance their on-campus experience. Students in residential housing can utilize the service both for research and relaxation.” The Xfinity On Campus™ service will revolutionize the way content is accessed for educational purposes and recreation inside the campus. It can help in many of their academic topics and help them to view their favorite programming for the sake of entertainment.

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According to Ralph Martinez, the Senior Vice President of Comcast® Houston, “Bringing Xfinity on Campus™ to TSU is a true game-changer for students. We know that this young generation of viewers consumes content while on the move, at their convenience, and across multiple devices. Xfinity on Campus™ meets this need and serves as a nice value add for students residing on campus.”

Xfinity On Campus™ has several options that will allow the students to manage their subscription. Students at the Texas Southern University are provided with the option for upgrading their accounts for Xfinity On Campus™. This will enable them to add various premium channels to their existing lineup such as STARZ, HBO, Cinemax, Sports Entertainment Package, etc.

Besides, this service will also enable the students to get acquainted with Comcast’s state of the art video delivery product Xfinity® X1. Already serving customers across the country, the Xfinity On Campus™ will also enable the students to access the advanced features of X1 for getting personalized content in a fast and efficient way.

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