Telit® and AT&T® to Discuss on Cellular for Emergency Responders

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Telit® provides IoT solutions to business customers, and AT&T® provides FirstNet services to first responders. Telit® will participate in an upcoming event with the fastest internet provider to aid public safety agencies, which explore FirstNet services, better understand as well as implement LTE 4G technologies. The upcoming event underscores both companies’ focus on giving the first responder community chances to learn about devices, services as well as other solutions for mission critical applications.

On August 23, AT&T® and Telit® presented a webinar on “How Hardware Affects Service and Coverage for First Responder Communications”. Radio Resource Mission Critical Communications hosted the webinar. It gave insights on how cellular modules, used in mission-critical devices, determine which services and networks first responders can use as well as how they affect coverage, resilience and flexibility.

On October 24, both companies will take part in “Cellular at the Center of New Generation of Emergency Responder Communications”, to be held at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida. This panel discussion will be as part of the Smart Cities Connect Fall Conference and Expo. The VP of Application Engineering at Telit®, Ken Bednasz, and AT&T® FirstNet’s Lead Product Marketing Manager, Brandon Gallion, will talk about the things, which first responders have to know regarding LTE. These things will comprise mission-critical upgrades like push to talk, proximity-based cellular capabilities, and broadcasting in 3GPP Releases thirteen, fourteen, and so on.

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The events expand on the long and productive relationship of Telit® with AT&T®, comprising providing Long Term Evolution modules for applications like connected vehicles. Last Year, the Dallas-based Telco was selected by First Responder Network Authority to build as well as manage the countrywide public safety network, devoted to first responders, titled FirstNet.

“With LTE, first responders get a fast, reliable, proven technology, a global economy of scale and other benefits that private radio systems can’t approach, let alone match,” Ken Bednasz said. “Through webinars, conference panels and other initiatives, AT&T® and Telit® are helping public safety agencies, municipalities and other organizations understand how they can benefit from LTE while making smart implementation choices.”

Commenting on that, FirstNet’s Assistant VP, Scott Agnew, said, “The more educational opportunities we can bring to first responders, the more we can help them understand the options available to them. It’s about empowering first responders to confidently select the next-generation tools and technologies that will help them accomplish their mission more efficiently and effectively.”

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