Some Notable IoT Predictions by Chris Penrose for 2019

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Over the years, industry players have talked about what the future might look like as well as how people’s lives might be different as an increasing number of things become connected. Chris Penrose, the President of AT&T’s IoT Solutions, says that it is an exciting reality taking shape today. As the world proceeds into 2019, below are some IoT predictions by Penrose that relates to how the fastest internet provider, AT&T®, is focused to shape a better future.

Video as a Sensor Technology is Going to Improve IoT Data Insights

Near-real time imagery coupled with near-real time data gives a three-dimensional view of assets and processes of a business. Cities and companies that adopt video sensor as part of IoT strategies will have an enhanced capability to improve their operations, save time as well as money, and increase the public safety. Expect inspection as a service and surveillance as a service models to gain traction, as well as a new wave of multipurpose IoT devices that comprise cellular-enabled cameras.

Public Safety, Healthcare, and Manufacturing are Anticipated to Be 5G’s Early Benefactors

Smart factories are going to revolutionize manufacturing as they connect the whole supply chain. The relationship between doctor and patient and the traditional way people think of healthcare is going to transform. First Responders are going to have new technology as well as life-saving capabilities in order to protect citizens as never before.

Data Sharing Economy Will Keep Gaining Momentum

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Beyond consumer who shares the economy of things such as houses, scooters and cars, an increasing number of companies will look to share important data. Businesses will be in an environment that lets partners, manufacturers, vendors, and other third parties share insights and data from different information sources in both a trusted as well as highly secure manner. Advanced analytics and data sharing will be critical to maximizing IoT’s value.

IoT as Well as AI Will Link Up to Generate Digital Twins of Assets as Well as Processes

Low-cost sensors, 5G networks and AI will let customers create virtual, software program-based replicas of physical devices as well as processes of them. That means users, manufacturers, as well as designers can get near real-time insights and take an action without ever being close to assets of them. Digital twins of things such as vehicles, manufacturing facilities and cities will drive a new wave of both operational efficiencies as well as revenue streams. Besides, they will help engineers validate a product design at many points during the lifecycle of it.

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