Sling TV® Releases New Set of Features into its Roku App

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New Set Of Features

Sling TV®, the OTT TV service owned by Dish Network®, has come up with a set of new updates and additions to its Roku app. These newly released upgrades will definitely offer a new experience to the Roku customers giving them more control over the content that they receive. The rolling out of these new features is surely a new trend among Sling TV®, which previously has only released upgrades occasionally. Sling® has stood up to become one of the most reliable services among cable providers and has been continually improving such as by the introduction of the new features.

Sling TV® has earned more than 2.2 million subscribers in the previous year. It has announced that the new set of features released for its Roku platform will provide support to many other platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Among the new updates, one of the most notable features is that subscribers will be able to upgrade their own programming package by using the app. This new addition takes away the hassle that is required to subscribe to a new channel by using the Sling TV® website.

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Favorite Channels Option

Included in the enhancements is a “Favorite Channels” option that allows the subscribers to tune in quickly into their favorite channels. This will appear in the shape of a heart sign on the channel guide and the grid guide of the service. The micro guide also contains new upgrades that have led to a decrease in its size allowing the user to make changes without too much interruption to the ongoing show by using less screen space. The user can easily bring up the micro guide by using arrow controls on the Roku remote.

Sling® has also made several additions to the Roku app in the form of the Binge On feature. This new feature consists of an improved player interface that stops automatic playing after content has finished, but then displays the franchise page. This allows the user to binge watch the next show without any automatic interruptions. The inclusion of pop up notifications will also prevent the user from accidentally switching the exit option and leaving the service.

Besides, there are several other additions to the Roku app including the ability to add Video on Demand to the MyChannels section for instant viewing of popular networks. Moreover, Sling® has announced that this new upgraded features will soon be available to other streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

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