Pluto TV® Gets Integrated into Xfinity Flex ® and X1®

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Pluto TV® is moving over to become one of Comcast® ‘s pay-TV offering bits under both Xfinity® Flex and Xfinity X1. Comcast is famous as the provider of some of the best cable deals in the country, and also in some areas as the fastest internet provider. The ad-aided streaming service is owned by Viacom and has revealed that it launched on July 13th on X1®. It has been available on Xfinity Flex®, which is a streaming platform that Comcast® has made available for just its broadband-only subscribers since March this year.

Pluto TV now finds itself put out to a bigger audience thanks to this deal, which was followed by Comcast ending its first quarter with over 27 million customer relationships in total. Integration has come on the heels of Pluto TV reaching a deal that also moved it over into Cox® ‘s Contour, which happens to be a white-label variation of X1®. Bob Bakish, CEO of Viacom®, said at the time that the move to X1® was imminent, also saying that this was not the only distributor the AVOD had lined up in the future. “For Viacom, Pluto TV was always more than a DTC play. We saw it as an opportunity to broaden our partnerships with existing distributors, and our early experience has proven just that,” he said.

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Pluto TV® is a streaming video service that is available on a free-to-watch basis, which has upward of 100 channels laid out amid a traditional channel-grid type of guide. It was one of Viacom’s acquisitions earlier in the year, for which the latter paid $340 million. It has since launched fresh-picked channels for the service which draw from its channel brands already in existence that include MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. July 1 is slated to see the launch of a Spanish-language version of Pluto TV in the US, named Pluto Latino.

Viacom® has made clear repeatedly its expectations for Pluto TV® to turn into a $1-billion opportunity in terms of raising domestic ad avenue. CFO Wade Davis has stated his company is going to make higher investments in the ad-aided streaming service in order to help grow the engineering and product teams inside the company, not to mention accelerate the process of integrating with Viacom® in the areas of infrastructure and ad technology. Under the new deal, Viacom® will apparently be allowed to sell inventory from Pluto TV advertising “more fluidly”, among the collective pools of marketers and advertisers the company has a claim to at present.

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