Netflix and Comcast® Extend Their Streaming Content Partnership

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Streaming Content Partnership

Netflix has been streaming Netflix Original series and other video content to the customers across the US through Comcast’s cable boxes since the tie-up that started in the recent past. Many people use the streaming service to watch Netflix Originals, the kind of content that are being co-produced or delivered by the entertainment company, and other video content.

Recently, Comcast® and Netflix extended the agreement that started in 2016 to provide accesses to video content on Xfinity® X1 platform. Xfinity® customers can browse content that are delivered through the streaming service with X1 Voice Remote, access the content according to their preferred series, actor, movie or network on Xfinity® On Demand menu, and can watch as well as record TV series & sport shows on X1 platform. Note that, such content may be offered by both Comcast® and Netflix to nationwide residential customers of the fastest internet provider or the cable giant.

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Xfinity® On Demand Menu

“Netflix offers one of the most popular on demand services and is an important supplement to the content offering and value proposition of the X1 platform,” said Sam Schwartz, who is the Chief Business Development Officer at Comcast® Cable. “Netflix is a great partner, and we are excited to offer its services to our customers in new ways that provide them with more choice, value and flexibility. The seamless integration of Netflix with the vast Xfinity® entertainment library on X1 present a unique and comprehensive experience for customers.”

“Our partnership with Comcast® on Xfinity® X1 has brought easy access to Netflix for our mutual customers,” said Bill Holmes, who is Netflix’s Chief Business Development Officer. “By speaking into or browsing with the X1 remote, millions of customers have found the perfect thing to watch on Netflix. We can’t wait to introduce more X1 customers to Netflix with Xfinity’s new packaged offers.”

The content that would be accessible to residential customers of Comcast® Cable through their X1 set-top-boxes will be similar to other arrangements Netflix has with cable providers not just in the US but around the world. Going forward, Xfinity® customers can sign into the Netflix application on X1 platform and access the video content. This pact with Comcast® would allow Netflix to tap into a broader customer base and deliver all kinds of content, not just original series.

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