Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and CenturyLink® Reach an Agreement

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Attorney General -CenturyLink® Agreement

One of the best internet providers in the United States, CenturyLink® and Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson recently reached an agreement on the pricing practices of the telecom company. Swanson had sued CenturyLink® a few months ago by alleging that the telecom giant intentionally billed subscribers with higher amount than what their sales agents had quoted. A few days ago, an Anoka County judge issued a court order, which asked CenturyLink® to disclose all the pricing terms right at the time of sales.

In a recent statement, Swanson said, “I think people need to have fair and accurate prices to be able to shop around for internet and television services, and this order requires the company to make clear and conspicuous disclosures at the time of the sale of what their prices are, what their fees are, any limitations on the deal and how long the deal lasts.”

Swanson, who had also hoped to achieve civil penalties and restitution from the lawsuit filed against CenturyLink® also added that this is only a initial court order for stopping the unfair practices of the telecom company whereas the lawsuit will still remain to be in action.

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The officials from CenturyLink® issued a statement in which they said that they are happy with the new agreement. In addition to that, they also announced that they are more than willing to work with the attorney general. CenturyLink® had previously stated that they have offered full cooperation to Swanson’s office since the beginning of the investigation.

In their statement, CenturyLink® added, “Many of the enhanced customer disclosures we agreed to were already in progress as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and our desire to continue to improve our customers’ experience. Our goal is to ensure that our customers understand the terms of service at the point of sale.”

The recently issued court order prohibits CenturyLink® from making incorrect or false statements about the terms and prices of their products. In addition to that, according to the court order, CenturyLink® will not be able to charge more from their customers than they quote. This means that even if the telecom company unintentionally misquotes the price for a specific service or product, they will not be able to overcharge their customers.

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