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It has been less than six months since the acquisition of Sky® by Comcast®, but there have been several drastic changes in the business already. The company’s CEO explained the same recently as he spoke at the Deloitte and Enders Analysis Media and Telecoms 2019 conference. He said, “Just a few months after first coming together, we are already seeing clear benefits flowing in both directions.

“For example, we’ll be bringing Comcast®’s own voice interface to Sky® Q later this year and our broadband customers in Italy will benefit from Comcast®’s xFi product.” He also added, “Profound change is not exception, it’s normal.”

The Sky® deal went through in one of the biggest takeovers of the year 2018, and was worth $39 billion. The company has 23 million direct paying customers and 120 million regular viewers across Europe. The CEO also mentioned the huge success of the company in the last 11 quarters, “Sky® has been the best performing major broadband, pay-TV and landline provider in the UK according to Ofcom Complaints Data.

“All of this is great but it isn’t enough,” he said.

“Businesses that succeed in changing environments never lose focus on consumers, their end user as well as their customers.

“They are relentless in their pursuit of understanding what the man or women on the street really thinks and expects of them both in the products they produce and the values they have.”

According to him, the cheap internet provider was getting back to its ways of evolving its plans so as to benefit customers in as many ways as possible. He went on to add that Comcast®’s voice interface would be introduced to Sky® Q towards the latter part of the year. Further, Comcast®’s xFi product would also benefit broadband customers from Italy.

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He said that Sky® fully shouldered its responsibility as a family broadcaster, and that this was not an obligation. Besides, he also announced the introduction of the new product, Broadband Buddy. This application, released by the fastest internet provider, allows parents to have control of the family’s TV all the time. There was a further collaboration with Common Sense Media to upgrade the safeguarding of parents and children

New Frontier for Sky®: Comcast®

The CEO went on to say, “I personally find the combination very compelling and the next few years at Sky® will see us unlock many more opportunities here as well as contributing significantly to the overall Comcast® family.

“This commitment not just to change, but to permanent renewal speaks deeply about who we are, how we see the world and what we believe we need to do.”

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