Major Carriers Reduce Manpower in the Legacy Area

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The Telco giant, AT&T® recently announced that they are carrying out a round of layoffs this week. It has been reported that the company is letting go of a small contingent of its workforce in the legacy section of its business.

The recent measures raised a few eyebrows as it comes just after a year of the firm’s announcement that it would receive favors from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This Act was expected to generate $1 billion company investment in addition to 7000 new jobs.

Although they are one of the companies that provide the best cable deals in the country, AT&T® was reportedly preparing for the major staff changes since the end of last year. These reports were out after AT&T’s Vice President of Technology and Operations, Jeff McElresh, released a memo regarding these staff changes. According to the memo, the staff changes would start this month, and be carried out over the next few months.

In this memo, it was also mentioned that the company would continue to reduce the overall costs and stay alert. Staff reductions would be an unavoidable outcome of the financial changes.

AT&T® had announced the changes earlier this month, confirming the staff reductions. It made the same announcement again. Out of all cable providers, AT&T® stands out as the most economical and faithful one in the country. However, the company maintained silence on the details of the new changes. There was no mention whatsoever regarding the area of business affected or how many employees were impacted by the changes.

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“We are hiring to meet the needs of the growth areas of our business. In fact, we hired more than 20,000 new employees last year and more than 17,000 the year before. In cases where we do have to adjust our workforce, we take steps to lessen the effect on employees,” a spokesperson for the carrier told reporters. However, the Telco giant did not mention anything about the availability of jobs and if these were generated outside of the US.

According to sources, the new changes are having visible impacts on the website of AT&T® where its employees are allowed to post information regarding layoffs or staff reductions. Job cuts are affecting teams across various departments such as the business unit responsible for networking, AT&T® Foundry innovation centers, security, AT&T® Technology and Operations, and wireless. Reports from the Communication Workers of America union say that AT&T® even laid off around 11,000 employees last year.

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