Katherine Pope Will Head the Original Content of Charter®

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One of the best internet service providers in the United States, Charter Communications® recently shed some light regarding their new move to hire Katherine Pope, the former NBCUniversal and Chernin Group TV production executive.

In a recent e-mail, a Charter® spokesman Justin Venech said, “We see original content as a way to further differentiate the Spectrum® customer experience. We have previously announced our co-production plans with AMC and Viacom, and we will continue to explore opportunities for the development of original content. We have no comment beyond that at this time.”

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Katherine Pope will be operating under the title of senior VP of original content from a Los Angeles base of Charter®. The officials from the telecom company also added that Pope will be overseeing the deals that Charter® signed with Viacom and AMC Networks in order to produce original content for the telecom giant.

However, Charter Communications® refused to share details on whether they will be producing new TV shows and movies. In addition to that, Charter® also didn’t share any information on whether there are going to be additional hires under Katherine Pope. Nevertheless, we might be able to find answers to these questions in a week or two.

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The Senior Executive VP of Charter Communications®, David Ellen, said, “Katherine’s creativity, strategic prowess, and wealth of industry knowledge will play an instrumental role in positioning Charter® as an industry leader in the creation and distribution of high-quality, original entertainment that will further differentiate Charter’s market-leading video products in ways that create value and drive subscribership.”

Katherine Pope is joining Charter Communications® from Studio 8, where she played a crucial role in launching the TV division of the company. In addition to that, she also spent nearly 10 years at the NBCUniversal TV Studios and also held the position of the president of television for Chernin Entertainment for quite some time.

During her tenure at the NBCUniversal TV Studios, she produced some of the highest rated shows in the history of Television such as “Heroes” and “House”. In addition to that, she also produced Emmy Award-winning comedy shows like “Will and Grace”, “30 Rock”, and “The Office” during the same period. The executives from Charter® are highly hopeful that Pope will be able to help them to produce quality original content.

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