How Indiana is Benefitting from the Public Safety Network

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A year after the decision of Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, to opt into the FirstNet® program, thousands of first responders in the state rely on the public safety network for wireless communications. FirstNet® is the nationwide public safety network devoted to first responders built with the fastest internet provider AT&T®, in private-public corroboration with First Responder Network Authority. One year in, it is bringing public safety an important technology upgrade.

Executive Director of Integrated Public Safety Commission, David Vice, said, “One year has passed since Governor Holcomb opted in to FirstNet®. In those 365 days, FirstNet® has moved from concept to reality. Much work is left to be done, but I’ve been amazed at how fast FirstNet® is being built and how many Indiana first responders are adopting the next-generation technology to protect and serve their communities. IPSC will continue to advocate on behalf of public safety during FirstNet’s implementation and adoption, but we can be proud that Indiana is, once again, leading the nation in advancing interoperable communications for public safety.”

Earlier this year, Noblesville city became the first community in Indiana to transform the first responder communications. When the news broke out in February, the Mayor of Noblesville, John Ditslear, said, “We are proud to be the anchor tenant in Indiana and one of the first cities nationwide for this cutting-edge public safety communications platform. We want to lead in technology and public safety, and this move allows us to do both and provide better service to our first responders, residents and guests in times of need.”

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In April, FirstNet® sponsored an AT&T® IoT Civic Hackathon in Indiana’s Fishers city centered on creating solutions for the general community. Many people, including engineers, developers, first responders, students and state officials gathered in the hackathon.

The winning teams in the hackathon came up with applications centered on public safety, comprising an app that would let a person in the 911 Dispatcher team take control of a smartphone of a caller, so he or she could understand what is going on at the caller or emergency location.

“It’s been a momentous year for FirstNet® in Indiana,” said Bill Soards, the President of AT&T® Indiana. “We’ve seen some incredible enthusiasm with first responder adoption and hosted some great events with public safety from around the state. We look forward to continuing to innovate for our brave men and women in uniform and making FirstNet® the best possible solution to help keep our communities and those who serve them safe.”

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