Hosted VoIP Users Want Improvements in Usability and Efficiency – CenturyLink®

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Improvements In Usability

CenturyLink® recently said that the business users see usability and efficiency as the most important drivers. The telecom company conducted a survey with 250 decision makers in information technology, in partnership with Spiceworks. The survey looked at hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the benefits, challenges, and drivers of considering or using a hosted VoIP solution.

Eric Nowak, who is the current product director of enterprise voice, VoIP, collaboration, and business applications at CenturyLink® said that improving and enhancing the work environment involved cost issues. “What the survey validated was that while cost savings are important, the ability to provide a better experience to their employees and customers was more important,” Nowak said. “In most cases, the movement to a VoIP environment is driven by IT needs to deliver some feature capability than business needs to save money.”

It seems that CenturyLink® is motivated to help their business users save money via migration to IP based voice services. While security and service costs are important considerations while migrating to managed VoIP, sixty percent of the responders in the survey said that they are likely to consider and evaluate new hosted VoIP solutions in the recent years to be more innovative and efficient in their business. Concerns about visibility/security and cost/ROI in the network each got about twenty five percent response rates.

The survey by CenturyLink® found that the users are migrating to VoIP services mainly due to three trends:

Integration with Cloud Applications

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Cloud Application Integration

As more and more employees switch to and use many cloud-based applications like salesforce and Office 365, enterprise users need to be able to integrate functions like click to call and many other features. Nowak said that the users that work “in customer support are interested” in most of the integrated features.

Mobile Device Use

Owing to the mobile nature of the enterprise users, many are voting for traditional fixed line handsets in favor of mobile devices. This includes a Bluetooth or headset connected to a PC that helps employees to make calls regardless of the location.

Seated Model Interest Grows

As more and more businesses are ditching on-premise PBX and legacy TDM systems, CenturyLink® found that more users are now in need of a managed solution.

“It’s pretty common now for customers to say as they get rid of their legacy service maybe they would have tried to enable their PBX and would have had a SIP trunking-type solution for their headquarters and at their branch locations they would purchase a seat,” Nowak said. “We’re starting to see the evolution of customers, including even the biggest customers saying we could use a seated model, or what we call hosted VoIP, everywhere.”

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