HBO® and Cinemax® Go Dark to Thousands of American Viewers

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Most telecom customers in the United States will be probably aware that AT&T® is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the country. However, several subscribers will be surprised to hear that the telecom giant, AT&T® is also the owner of premium channels like HBO® and Cinemax®. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the now AT&T®-owned Cinemax®, as well as HBO®, were recently pulled from the satellite TV service of Dish Network®.

In addition to that, these two popular channels went dark to customers who have subscribed to the online streaming service of Dish Network®, Sling TV®. Several experts in the field of telecommunications claim that the channels were removed from Dish’s TV and streaming service due to a money dispute. This marks the first time HBO® is blacked out from a TV service in their 46 year history.

Just a few months ago, a US District Court Judge Richard Leon had allowed the telecom giant, AT&T® to complete their purchase of Time Warner Inc., who owns both Cinemax® and HBO®. The judge passed the verdict by stating that there was no particular reason to believe that AT&T® will be harming their customers or other rivals through their marketing power.

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However, the executives from Dish® recently claimed that it was AT&T®, who pulled HBO® from Sling TV® and Dish® TV service. They also added that customers who try to access HBO® and Cinemax® through Dish’s services will receive bill credits if they are unable to access these channels. On the other hand, the officials from HBO® stated that Dish® solely pulled HBO® and Cinemax® from their offerings as a negotiation tactic.

The officials from Dish Network® also added that the recent blackout of the popular channels evidently proves that AT&T® owning HBO® and Cinemax® is bad for not just AT&T’s rivals, but also to customers. In a statement, Dish® wrote, “AT&T® has made the unprecedented move to pull HBO and Cinemax content from Dish® and Sling TV® subscribers, after making untenable demands designed specifically to harm customers, particularly those in rural areas, as well as damage competing pay-TV providers.”

They added, “AT&T® is demanding Dish® pay for a guaranteed number of subscribers, regardless of how many consumers actually want to subscribe to HBO.” Dish Network® also announced that they are even willing to accept a binding arbitration with HBO® if necessary.

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