FIFA World Cup to Be Aired on Networks via a CenturyLink® Platform

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CenturyLink® said that it is going to transmit feeds of FIFA World Cup 2018 to US and Latin American networks. The broadcasters that will work the fastest internet provider for FIFA World Cup will tap into Vyvx Solutions for routing transmission of the soccer event and other content from Russian football grounds to the master control hubs of each programmer.

Meanwhile, IBM® and Fox Sports™ have said that they will collaborate on an Artificial Intelligence initiative across several programming of FIFA World Cup from Fox Sports™. To be specific, they will rely on AI video technology of IBM® Watson Media for streamlining content production workflows that are used for classifying, editing, and accessing match highlights in close to real time.

That AI video technology of IBM® Watson Media will aid Fox Sports™ to curate video contents and match highlights that engage the audiences, added the companies. The partnership between both companies will begin with the unveiling of “The Highlight Machine”, which is an engaging experience developed by IBM® IX enabling viewers to browse the archived FIFA World Cup matches and create customized highlights by play type, team, year, etc.

On the other hand, CenturyLink® has been collaborating with local telecommunications companies who are now in International Broadcast Center and Russia putting together the feeds of FIFA World Cup from the source for broadcasters, said CenturyLink’s VP for Global Internet and Content Delivery Services, Bill Wohnoutka. He also noted that the best internet provider would collaborate with broadcasters that work with them in this endeavor for delivering content in several formats such as standard, HD, and 4K.

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Besides transmission, Vyvx platform of CenturyLink® will handle encoding and decoding of live feeds, monitoring, onsite operations, and conversion of frame rate. Wohnoutka said that putting all those content deployment workflows along with the security requirements put forth challenges around FIFA World Cup, since getting content out of the football grounds in Russia is complicated.

Among the broadcasters that are set to work with CenturyLink® for the FIFA World Cup, which includes the networks of Fox™ group are on tap for broadcasting over 60 matches live from Russia, said Keith Goldberg, their Vice President of Global Operations and Transmission Services. “That’s more than 350 hours of total programming, and CenturyLink® will play a critical role in enabling us to deliver that content to millions of viewers across the US,” Goldberg said.

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