DirecTV Now® Offering Free Apple TV 4K at Three Months Prepaid Subscription

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DirecTV Now® is currently providing Apple TV 4K for its subscribers for a prepaid subscription for three months. This will enable a subscriber to get an Apple TV 4K in their home at much lower prices by paying for three months. DirecTV Now® has also previously announced its offering of Amazon Fire TV 4K by opting for one month prepaid subscription of their TV services. This is currently the best cable deals put forward by DirecTV Now® recently, as it allows its customers access to the advanced TV systems offered by Apple and impressive 4K content in their homes.

Customers who are currently on DirecTV’s lowest plan can also opt for these two services. With these, the subscribers can get access to a range of content offered through Apple TV such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video. Besides, there are 60 live channels included in Apple TV at their standard rates. The number of these live channels depends on the packages, as there are currently three offerings.

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The $35 per month package consists of 60 plus channels such as ESPN, AMC, Fox Sports, etc. The $80 per month and $60 per month package contains more than 80 and 100 channels in their lineup such as ESPN News, MLB Network, NBA TV, Golf, Fox Sports 2, and many others. On the other hand, customers who sign up for the $70 per month package can get access to 120 plus channels and the availability of all Starz networks.

This latest deal of DirecTV Now® is only for a limited period. It enables the customer to get an Apple TV 4K at $105 than their actual price of $170. Besides the channels, Apple TV also provides the customers with access to numerous apps available in the App Store. Apple TV 4K is currently one of the best television technologies that also offers support for Dolby Vision HDR. With this, customers can view content in impeccable detail and clarity by opting for an Apple TV 4K as a part of DirecTV Now’s deal.

AT&T® has added several new updates to the DirecTV Now® app as a part of the new deal for providing Apple TV 4K. This update is mainly intended to clear out any bugs and improve the performance of the app for use with Apple TV. Besides Apple TV, DirecTV Now® is also offering support to various other streaming television devices and cable providers like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, etc.

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