DirecTV® Adds the Cowboy Channel to its Lineup

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DirecTV® has now added The Cowboy Channel on channel no. 603 in its network. The Cowboy Channel is a 24-hour multicast network focused on various programs about western lifestyle and sports. Several of the cable providers have followed suit that has resulted in The Cowboy Channel to be available in Dish Network®, Charter Spectrum®, Comcast®, AT&T U-Verse®, Cox®, Mediacom, Verizon FiOS, Suddenlink, and numerous others. Moreover, customers can also stream The Cowboy Channel through the Heartland Extra package offered by Sling TV®.

The Cowboy Channel, with its base at Fort Worth Stockyards, offers programming related to several western sports such as rodeo, bull riding, reining, roping, barrel racing, etc. Besides, the channel also broadcasts a variety of music, movies, and fashion events related to the western genre. One of the specialties of The Cowboy Channel is that it offers the live coverage of numerous western events that feature determines the skills and talents of cowboys, cowgirls and bull riders.

Patrick Gottsch, the founder and president of The Cowboy Channel, said, “We are extremely pleased with the traction that The Cowboy Channel is getting both with distributors and viewers less than 6 months after launch. Research showed a demand and void for a channel devoted to western sports. The Cowboy Channel fits perfectly with RFD-TV, and this second channel gives us the opportunity to really expand content for all that encompasses the western lifestyle.”

Owned by the Rural Media Group, The Cowboy Channel is widely popular especially in the more central regions of the country. The Group also owns other broadcast services like RFD-TV, Rural Radio channel 147 on SiriusXM and RFD-TV, The Magazine. The inclusion of The Cowboy Channel into DirecTV® is of a definite advantage to the customers as it offers them the means to watch the diverse content being broadcasted by The Cowboy Channel.

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Some of the major programming offered by The Cowboy Channel include:

  • Western Sports Round-Up – Daily one-hour broadcast consisting of news, features, and interviews about various western sports.
  • John Wayne Theatre – Includes a collection of the best classic western movies played by the legendary John Wayne.
  • Rodeo Tonight – Provide live coverage of the rodeo events conducted in each event across the US and Canada.
  • The American – World’s richest one-day rodeo covered live from the AT&T Stadium at Arlington, Texas.
  • Cowboy Christmas – Live broadcast from the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas every December for ten days.

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