Devices and Services to Make the Most of Home Automation

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Home Automation Devices

With the adoption of smart home technologies increasing nowadays, more and more individuals are looking to embrace the connected home way of life, and home automation devices like virtual assistants have become popular holiday gift options.

A Speaker That Doubles as User Virtual Assistant

Present models can answer user queries, play video, turn on lights, access virtual assistants such as Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, share news and weather updates, play music on demand, and serve the purpose of a timer.

Smart Lights

Smart bulbs also make the wish lists of several people. Replace your existing bulbs with energy-efficient ones that can be remotely controlled with taps on your tablet or smartphone. Cox Communications® “Homelife” range of services has a feature to control both outdoor and indoor lights, which brings occupants peace of mind while they are out of house, save energy and cost.

Home Security Cameras

Home security gives peace of mind to occupants, and the newest in-home monitoring provider like Cox® Homelife offers remote live videos’ viewing, video recording, professional monitoring, and customizable device notifications, letting them keep an eye on their loved ones and house even if they are away.

In-Home Entertainment with Smart Search Capability

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There are several avenues to watch TV channels and stream content. Cox® Contour TV offers smart search options, YouTube Kids and Netflix integration, a voice remote, and cool applications together into an easy-to-navigate service. Give a command to the advanced remote in order to find the programming that you like to watch on Contour TV. For that, you can use a popular holiday film quote, a show’s title, a genre, or an actor’s name.

Next Generation Residential Internet Connection

The internet service you select is equally as important as your smart home technology, for without the former users will not be able to take advantage of the latter. To get the best possible experience from your automation devices and technology, ensure you have the appropriate internet speeds at home. For one, Cox® Gigablast internet service offers the next-gen gigabit or 1 Gbps speed as advertised, which may vary based on network or software or hardware conditions, yet offers you an option to connect many devices in your house at the same time.

When it comes to the automation technology, the fastest internet provider Cox® offers an array of internet speeds as well as services to suit an individual household’s requirement.

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