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Internet speed is something that is being thought about a lot in the massive world of broadband services. One of the most impressive things about the broadband internet system is that a number of researches are being carried out in this field regularly for increasing the total download speeds. This improvement is mainly due to the tight competition among various broadband internet service providers in the US as well as due to the rise in consumer demands.

Most of the consumers of this day have shifted their focus towards areas like internet telephony, cloud storage options, and HD video streaming services. The common thing needed for all these technologies is faster broadband speed, and this has become the driving force all the major internet service providers. Continuous improvement is always being made in this area.

Major providers of the US have contributed a great deal in respect to the boon in internet technology. Below is a brief look at the various Telco giants who offer the fastest internet services to their customers.

Comcast XFINITY®

Comcast XFINITY® ranks number one in the list of the fastest internet providers in the country. The top download speed provided by XFINITY® is 125.53 Mbps. One of the interesting things about this broadband provider is that they always manage to keep up to their reputation in the industry with high-speed internet. However, despite its best download speeds, it has a slower uploading speed, which is sometimes even much slower than most of its competitors.

Cox Communications®

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Cox Communications® is also a reputable internet service provider in the US. They always strive to improve their internet speeds to better levels. They were able to carter a great improvement as much as an astounding 35 percent in a very short time. They even improved their download speed from 119.98 Mbps to 162.14 Mbps, which is obviously impressive. Yet their limited reach in the country is a big drawback they need to work on.

Charter Spectrum®

The Spectrum® brand came to the scene as a result of the merger of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable® with Charter Communications®. While the internet speeds of TWC saw a dramatic improvement from 34.54 Mbps to 152.70 Mbps after the merger, that of Bright House Networks improved by about 21.02 Mbps. All these awesome improvements made an incredible hike to the customer base of Charter Spectrum®. Besides, the various bundles of services they offer adds to their popularity.

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