Comcast® to Upgrade Download Speeds of XFINITY® Internet in Indiana

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In recent news, Comcast® officials revealed that they are going to increase downstream speeds of some of their popular tiered internet plans in Indiana in July. Start this month, download speeds of XFINITY® Blast! are going to increase from 100 to 150 Mbps, while it would go from 150 to 250 Mbps for the Extreme 150 plan.

As per reports, around seventy-five percent of Comcast® internet subscribers in Indiana have one of these speed tier plans and they will get an upgrade in download speeds for no additional cost. Both existing and new subs of Comcast® internet can sign up for these plans and all XFINITY® speed tiers as part of a package or as standalone service.

The announcement of the changes follow a number of other moves Comcast® has made of late to increase their best internet service. Those strategic moves from the cable provider comprise the unveil of XFINITY® xFi, the build-out of their nationwide XFINITY® wireless network that comprises close to 19 million Wi-Fi hotspots, and the launch of 1 Gigabit and 2 Gigabit Internet services. For an uninitiated, the users of Comcast’s xFi platform can customize, manage, as well as control the in-home Wi-Fi experience.

Besides offering some of the best cable deals on XFINITY® TV, Comcast® has a trait of doubling their network capacity from time to time. That network expansion is what brings speed upgrades to their residential customers. Last year, the cable giant increased downstream speeds of XFINITY® Performance, Blast! and Performance Starter tiers in the state.

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“We want to ensure our customers have all the speed necessary to power the growing number of devices they are connecting to and controlling in the home – everything from computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles, to more sophisticated home automation services and smart appliances,” said Tim Collins, Comcast’s Senior VP for Heartland Region. “For Comcast®, we are constantly enhancing the value of our service, whether that’s by boosting speeds, building out our Wi-Fi and fiber networks, or introducing industry leading innovations like XFINITY® xFi.”

To get the increased speeds, most residential subscribers of Comcast®, comprising xFi users, will have to restart their modems either through the xFi application, XFINITY® My Account application, or even manually. The existing subscribers leasing modems from the cable giant and require a new one can upgrade the device to xFi Gateway for no extra cost.

On the other hand, those who use third-party modems to access the internet will need to get in touch with Comcast® executives. The cable giant will notify subscribers and offer instructions prior to the speed changes take effect.

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