Comcast® to Provide Streaming Option through X1-Powered Smart TVs

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Comcast® is planning to provide XFINITY® customers an option to stream TV through X1 interface on leading smart TVs. The residential customers will not have to rely on a set-top box or a streaming device for that, as nearly two-thirds of the smart televisions in the market will have the capability to allow streaming. By this year, most smart TVs will be able to natively stream content through XFINITY® X1 interface.

The beta interface of X1 is now available on select Roku-powered smart TVs, including those of Hisense and TCL, Roku streaming devices, and smart TVs of Samsung. Besides, the cable giant has announced plans to launch X1 beta on LG and Sony smart TVs by this year’s end.

“Smart TVs are absolutely part of our strategy and our vision,” said the Executive VP of XFINITY® Services at Comcast Cable®, Matthew Strauss. “When you look at the video landscape today, there are more choices than have ever been available before at the touch of a remote. It’s a good time to be alive if you like television.”

The XFINITY Stream® application, which is available on iOS, Android, and browsers, resembles the interface of X1. The product team behind XFINITY® is developing the interface of X1 so that it shall be rolled out for more platforms over the course of 2019.

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The cable provider’s plan to migrate the X1 interface to smart TVs has been in the making for a while. It is one that heralds a future dominated by an influx of customers looking for best cable deals or streaming bundles. With increased competition from streaming services, cable TV providers are doing everything they can to keep people from cord cutting. Earlier, AT&T® rolled out an affordable streaming service or skinny bundle called “WatchTV” and announced the launch of more streaming services by this year’s end. Now, it is Comcast’s turn to come up with a strategic move to provide them cable box alternatives and thereby attract customers.

“We think the future of TV will be a function of how you aggregate it, how you contextualize it, and how you personalize it,” Strauss said. “In XFINITY® X1, which is closer to a cloud infrastructure than a set-top box, we’ve built on an ambition to create a truly integrated experience.”

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