Comcast® to Integrate Amazon Prime Video on XFINITY® X1 This Year

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Amazon and Comcast® have entered a tie-up that will bring Amazon’s Prime Video to the cable provider’s XFINITY® X1 platform later this year. This is the first time the video streaming service of the e-commerce company will be accessible on a US-based subscription TV service. The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed by the companies, and instead of giving an exact date, it was announced that the Prime Video service of Amazon would be launched on XFINITY® X1.

Comcast® said that they expect to unveil the Prime Video application on X1 platform later this year. However, the subscribers of Comcast XFINITY® will need to have a membership of Amazon Prime in order to access the video streaming service, besides having an X1 set-top box. Millions of residential video subscribers of the cable operator have access to X1 set-top boxes as of now and many of them are Amazon Prime members too.

This move comes hot on heels of an earlier development this year. Earlier, Comcast® announced that the residential subscribers would be able to natively stream content on leading smart televisions that support X1 interface. In other words, the Comcast® subs will not have to rely on a streaming device or set-top box for that. Moreover, the cable provider has added Netflix and YouTube to the X1 platform and Amazon Prime Video is set to join those two streaming platforms. The fastest internet provider is giving X1 customers more options to stream content through the integration of Amazon’s video streaming service.

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Once the video streaming service is integrated, the customers of XFINITY® TV can launch it by giving the voice command “Amazon Prime Video” into their X1 voice remote. Alternatively, you can open the Prime Video application from the apps menu of X1 to launch the streaming service.

There never has been a better time to binge-watch shows on cable TV alternatives, or streaming platforms. The Amazon Prime members and Comcast® subs will be able to stream original series of Amazon Studios, apart from live events and TV, video titles available to buy or rent, or stream with a subscription of Prime Video service’s channels. The video streaming service of the e-commerce giant also offers TV shows’ previous seasons.

“Amazon Prime Video’s growing list of originals, movies, shows, documentaries, and kids’ programming will be an excellent complement to the overall X1 viewing experience,” said the President of Consumer Services at Comcast®, Dana Strong.

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