Comcast® Planning to Outbid Disney for Acquiring Fox

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Comcast® is considering topping Disney’s Bid in acquiring Fox if AT&T® wins over the ongoing legal tussle for purchasing Time Warner Inc® with the U.S. Justice Department. This conflict with the Justice Department is backed by President Trump and is aiming to block $85 billion deal for acquiring of Time Warner® by AT&T®. According to the reports, Disney is already working on to outrun the potential bidding put forward by Comcast®. The success of the acquisition all depends on the AT&T®-Time Warner® deal, which is currently facing a deadlock.

The success of AT&T® will allow cable providers and media conglomerates like Comcast® to easily acquire large media companies. Leo Hindery, managing partner of InterMedia Partners and the former CEO of both TCI and AT&T® Broadband, said, “For the first time, I don’t understand what’s possible regulatorily when it comes to horizontal integration or to vertical integration, and even whether or not behavioral remedies will be meaningful again. There are now inconsistent strategies from company to company and people are stepping every day into each other’s sandboxes.”

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AT&T’s success at buying Time Warner® will enable Comcast® to carry out an outbidding against Disney to acquire Fox’s assets. Disney is looking forward to acquiring the various divisions of Fox that includes Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000, Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX Productions, and Fox 21. Disney will also purchase other media companies like National Geographic, FX Networks, Fox Sports Regional Networks, Star India, and Fox Networks Group International.

Brian Roberts, Comcast® CEO stated during the fourth quarter earnings of the company that, “Many of our peers are re-evaluating their strategies. So along the way, there may be opportunities for us to create more value for our shareholders, like we did with NBCUniversal. In this respect, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we study every situation that comes along.”

Comcast® is looking forward to acquire Fox assets, as it would be instrumental in the progressive growth of the company. The Telco is specifically interested in the global reach of Fox, and is planning to use this to their advantage. However, it would not be easy for Disney to compete against Comcast®, which is one of the top telecommunications company in the country. This new plan to acquire reflects the growing trend among Telcos and tech companies to buy large media companies for propelling their growth.

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