Comcast® Increases Costs and Fees of its Cable Services Nationwide

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Comcast® has increased the costs of its cable and internet services in the country. The new charges took effect from December 20 onwards and include hikes in the monthly fee of its many services. With this, Comcast® has increased the pricing on several of its services and tiers such as its broadcast TV and regional sports network. Previously, the fee for these services was only $1.50 per month upon their launch. As announced by Comcast®, the fee for broadcast TV is stated to increase from its usual $6 to $6.50 or $6.75 per month.

This increase in the fee for broadcast TV will depend entirely on the area of the customers. Regional sports network will have an increase in fees from $5 to $6.75 per month. Several other aspects such as the TV services and packages are also stated to increase from $1 to $5. Alongside this, there will be an increase in the monthly modem rental fee from $10 to $11. Comcast® has started the announcement regarding the upcoming fee hikes in the previous months.

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According to a statement made by Comcast®, “We continue to make significant investments in our network and technologies to give customers more for their money – like faster Internet service and better Wi-Fi, more video across viewing screens, innovations like X1 and a better customer experience. However, the costs we are charged to carry popular networks continue to increase significantly, and we must pass along a portion of these higher costs to our customers.”

The new prices took effect from December 20 onwards for customers based in the New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia areas where Comcast® serves as one of the major cable providers. The move to push for a greater increase in fees has been suggested previously and Comcast® has made preparations on its behalf. The Republican members of Congress and President Trump have advanced the party line tax bill to decrease the corporate rate from 35 to 21 percent, which as actually prompted the Telco to push for reforms in the fees.

Comcast® has declared that the prices for its services will increase nationwide by an average of 2.2 percent. This is somewhat less when compared to the price hike carried out the previous year, which had an overall increase of fee to 3.8 percent. Besides Comcast®, several other cable providers have also come up with fee hikes in their services as the year approaches its end.

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