Comcast®, Cox®, and Charter® Partner with NCC Media to Offer Advanced Targeted Advertisements

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Three of the major cable giants, Comcast®, Cox Communications®, and Charter Communications®, have entered into an agreement with the communications company NCC Media in order to offer integrated advertising solutions across their footprint. As a part of this collaboration, the three cable providers are creating a new division within NCC Media to offer focused advertising throughout the country and NCC Media partners. The formation of this new division will help them accurately identify the data and target to provide advertising products.

The providers intend to use this to propagate their advertisements across a wider scale that will meet all the demands set by the advertisers. Comcast®, Cox®, and Charter® jointly own NCC Media and this offers more possibilities for advertisers based nationally, regionally, or locally for targeting their customers with focused advertisement solutions. With this, the advertisers can better reach out to their potential customers through the diverse programming and other content delivered by the providers.

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According to David Watson, CEO of Comcast Cable®, “Today’s announcement is a natural extension of the great work we are already doing with Charter®, Cox®, and NCC Media in cable advertising. Together with our partners, we have new opportunities to build advanced advertising solutions that deliver scale, consistency, and reliability.” Comcast® Media 360, the advertisement division of Comcast® leads this trio with additional support from the resources from Cox®, Charter®, and NCC Media.

Tom Rutledge, the Chairman and CEO of Charter Communications®, said in a statement, “This new group within NCC Media has the ability to make a major impact for all players within the advertising landscape. It has the power to transform the way we measure advertising effectiveness across linear and VOD through best-in-class data and technology.” Together the shared resources of the three providers will enable them to create products that will aid in focusing on their target audiences on all platforms.

The board of NCC Media is leading this scheme for targeted advertisement delivery with the three cable providers. The executive presidents and vice presidents of Comcast®, Charter®, and Cox® are leading this initiative in partnership with NCC Media. According to Pat Esser, the President of Cox®, “Together with Charter®, Comcast®, and NCC Media, we have the scale needed to provide even better value to our customers, and we are committed to defining clear standards around measurement that will help marketers better plan, buy and execute campaigns.”

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