Comcast® Buys Cable Assets of Wilco Electronic Systems

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Comcast® has stated that it had acquired the cable system assets offered by Wilco Electronic Systems Inc. This company is a key provider of paid television and various other services to the homes managed by the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA). Comcast® has not yet made public the financial aspects of the deal in acquiring the cable provider. The Telco has however announced that it will carry out major upgrades to the infrastructure of Wilco and the services that it delivers across the PHA coverage areas.

This new upgrade announced by Comcast® will make available Xfinity’s full suite of products and services such as the X1 video system, Xfinity Home®, Xfinity Voice®, Xfinity Internet®, and Xfinity Wireless®. Along with that, Comcast® is also proposing that it will provide Internet Essentials, its low-cost broadband service to the customers. This is made possible by the numerous infrastructural upgrades proposed by Comcast® that will make available broadband internet to around 9000 residents of the PHA for the first time.

Will Daniel, the Founder and President of Wilco, said, “We are happy to reach an agreement with Comcast® that will now offer PHA residents the ability to be able to reap the benefits of its Internet Essentials program as well as many other advanced technologies. The opportunity for PHA communities to obtain these services through Comcast®, which was founded by my personal friend Ralph Roberts, is an important step in bridging the digital divide here in Philadelphia.”

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Wilco is a major provider of television services in the country that has been delivering its services since the 1970’s. The company has continued to provide television services to around 9000 PHA residents. There will be a transitioning of the position of the company’s president and founder Will Daniel as the chairman of the board. Brigitte Daniel, Wilco EVP, and Perry Daniel the CFO will be the consultants for this acquisition with Comcast® for the effective transition of its cable subscribers.

James Samaha, Comcast® Regional Senior Vice President said, “Comcast® is committed to our local communities and our hometown of Philadelphia. While we already proudly serve many PHA residents, this partnership will ensure that Xfinity® products and services, including Internet Essentials, are fully available throughout the city. We look forward to continuing the legacy of Will Daniel through a long-standing partnership with the PHA.”

Kelvin A. Jeremiah, President and CEO of PHA, stated, “Residents of our conventional development communities will now have many more options, including Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, and the ability to bundle their innovative products through a single provider. The ability to bring Internet Essentials to PHA residents at our traditional public housing sites will be a tremendous step forward in bridging the digital divide.”

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