Comcast® and Ticketmaster Launch Ticket Buy Initiation Feature on X1

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Ticketmaster and the fastest internet provider Comcast® recently rolled out a new feature to let XFINITY® X1 subscribers search concert tour dates and start ticket purchasing process via their TV sets using their voice remotes. The launch of the feature on XFINITY® TV coincides with tickets’ sale for the concert tour of Kelly Clarkson.

You can command “Kelly Clarkson Tour” into your X1 voice remote and you will be directed to a devoted section to the singer. To be precise, you cannot complete your ticket buying process directly through the X1 platform. Instead of that, you will get a prompt to purchase tickets and then you can choose to get a text message with a code, which will then allow you to make the buy online.

XFINITY® subscribers will see a promo section with an option to receive tickets, which will allow the subs to find events list with corresponding dates and venues – powered by the Application Program Interface of Ticketmaster. They can opt in to get a message with online ticket purchase code.

“Our team is always thinking of new ways to reach more fans by extending Ticketmaster’s open platform,” said Ticketmaster’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Distributed Commerce, Dan Armstrong. “This partnership with Comcast® is a groundbreaking way to discover events and buy tickets.”

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If this sounds like a digitalized process of finding tickets to sell-out concerts of an artist you love, then convenience for that is at your fingertips. Most people purchase tickets for big-ticket entertainment shows through online platforms nowadays. This facility for the customers of the best internet provider is not just concerned with ticket booking, though.

For Kelly Clarkson’s fans, the XFINITY® X1 experience also comprises the provision to stream the singer’s music via Pandora, stream videos, watch her appearances on the “The Voice”, watch video clips from her earlier tours, and see the series titled “A Glass of Wine”.

“Fans can now go to Kelly Clarkson’s dedicated destination on X1 to enjoy her music and shop for tickets to her much-anticipated tour right on the TV via this seamless integration with Ticketmaster,” said Comcast Cable® spokesperson, Nancy Spears. “X1 enables us to unveil new and innovative experiences that complement and elevate content across the platform and to add more value for customers by giving them more ways to interact with the events, entertainment, performers and brands they love.”

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