Comcast® and Charter® to Develop a Common Mobile Operating Platform

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Common Mobile Operating Platform

On April 20, 2018, the wireless allies, Comcast Corporation® and Charter Communications®, announced about their collaboration in order to develop a common mobile operating platform. Nevertheless, their other forthcoming wireless services such as Spectrum® mobile and Xfinity® mobile will be provided separately to their customers. Similarly, the companies will be handling all the customer related operations and the relationship with device makers individually as well.

These two telecommunication companies are now joining hands to offer a budget-friendly and scalable platform that offers a backend system to support their mobile-related customer device logistics, sales and support, warehousing, and billing. The development works of this flexible platform will be completed in Philadelphia by the Comcast® employees. The whole work will be designed on the software that Comcast® developed previously in order to power their Xfinity® mobile. Charter Communications® has also adapted this software to employ in their upcoming wireless venture.

The Chief business development officer of Comcast®, Sam Schwartz, said, “We have built a best-in-class mobile platform for Xfinity® Mobile that is resonating with customers. By collaborating with Charter®, we will help drive operational and cost efficiencies for both companies.”

Both Charter® and Comcast® have Mobile Virtual Network Operator deals with the best wireless carrier in the United States, Verizon®. The companies are designing their mobile platform by combining their MVNO deals and also their own public Wi-Fi networks.

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Customer Device Logistics

The operating platform that is formed by combined efforts of these Telco giants will act as a systems interface between the current and future MVNO partners. As per the announcements, Charter® will fund this joint venture at first because Comcast® has already made necessary investments in this back-end mobile operating platform. Furthermore, the whole designing and development works will be foreseen mainly by four directors, in which, two of them will be from Comcast® and other two will be from Charter®.

The chief mobile officer of Charter®, Danny Bowman, said, “Our new partnership will enable us to drive faster and more cost-effective mobile product and service enhancements and provide innovative and affordable mobile service to our customers. We are excited about the launch of Spectrum® Mobile in the coming months.”

Comcast® deployed more than 380,000 lines to their debutant wireless project, Xfinity® mobile in 2017. The analysts predicted that the figure might skyrocket to more than two million customers by the third or fourth quarter of 2018.

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