Charter Spectrum® Increases Internet Speeds in the Rochester Area

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Increased Internet Speeds

In a recent announcement, the officials from Charter Spectrum® confirmed that they have boosted the speed of their internet service in the Rochester area. According to Spectrum®, business and residential customers who are living in different parts of Rochester area will be able to see an increase in their download speed. The officials from the telecom giant have officially announced that the download speed available to customers will increase from 60 to 100 Mbps at zero extra charges.

In a statement, Mark Fitchett, who is the vice president of Western New York said, “More than 99 percent of our customers now have access to Spectrum Internet with starting speeds of 100 Mbps. We’re delivering internet customers even more speed for streaming, surfing, and social media, all with no change in the price of their Spectrum package.”

It is significant to note that the telecom company has also added that a small percent of Spectrum® subscribers in this area will have to install a new modem in order to receive these increased internet speeds at their home or office. Charter® will soon alert the customers who need a new modem and tell them to exchange or upgrade their modem to enjoy the increased internet speed.

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Zero Extra Charges

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Charter® will be able to determine the internet speed of their subscribers with the help of an independent online service. Even though Charter® had promised that the speed boost comes with zero increase in the monthly bill of their customers, several subscribers have already reported that their monthly bill charges have significantly increased over the last few months.

However, it is significant to note that the new speed upgrade of Charter Spectrum® will not apply to customers who are currently subscribed to the legacy plan of Time Warner Cable®. So if these customers wish to enjoy the new speed upgrades made by the telecom giant, then they will need to cancel their existing TWC® subscription and switch to a Charter Spectrum® package.

The officials from the telecom company said, “While customers may experience these speed upgrades as if a switch has been flipped, they were made possible by Charter’s ongoing investments in infrastructure and technology.” It is evident that the recent speed boost and other exciting packages from Charter® will enable customers to acquire the best internet deals.

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