Charter Communications® to Provide Unlimited Wireless Service at $45 a Month

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The American telecom giant, Charter Communications®, is all set to launch its Spectrum Mobile® service that uses Charter’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) contract with Verizon Wireless®. This new service is likely to be launched on June 30, offering an unlimited data plan for $45 a month. Fortunately, the consumers even have the choice to only pay for the amount of data they have used, and it comes at $12 per GB usage.

Besides using the Verizon’s network, Spectrum Mobile® will also rely on Charter Communication’s own network of Wi-Fi access spots located across the country. The Wi-Fi network of Charter Communications® is known to be available in most parts of the urban areas, but it is considerably less available in the remote parts of the US. Still, the price tag of $45 a month is a great deal for medium-to-heavy mobile internet users.

Experts say that with the launch of the new mobile service, Charter Communications® is trying to compete with a same offering from Comcast®, which too has an MVNO contract with Verizon®. The cable operator is known to have won around 500,000 subscribers for XFINITY Mobile® within just one year of operation, and Charter® officials would like to surpass that with their offerings.

Just like XFINITY Mobile® by Comcast®, the Spectrum Mobile® service will be only available to those who are already a customer of Charter Communications®. Anyone who uses Spectrum® for cable or internet will be eligible for adding Spectrum Mobile®. In addition, people who switch to their network for cable or internet for getting Spectrum Mobile® can also do that.

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Charter Communications® laid its Spectrum Mobile® groundwork when Danny Bowman, its new chief mobile officer announced their joint venture with the Comcast® for backend systems and software that are needed to support both these mobile networks. Even though the collaboration was being described as a joint venture, the companies pointed out that Comcast® already invested in developing a working platform that they will now be sharing with Charter Communications®. Reports say that in return, Charter® will fund the partnership, even though the companies claimed they both would be investing in the venture.

Spectrum Mobile® is anticipated to get an enormous number of customers, and on the other hand, Verizon® is reportedly getting a pay of $5 per gigabyte usage from Charter Communications®. At present, it is not yet clear how the Department of Justice will view the MVNOs like XFINITY® and Spectrum® while evaluating the competition of all the wireless markets in the United States.

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