CenturyLink® Named as the Network Provider of Pennsylvania

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One of the fastest internet providers in the United States, CenturyLink®, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recently signed a five-year contract. According to the contract between the two parties, the telecom company will be offering data networking products to the agencies, boards, authorities, bureaus, commissions, and councils of the Commonwealth.

In addition to that, the officials from CenturyLink® has also announced that they will be partnering with Comcast Business® in order to provide last mile connectivity and high-performance network services to end users. Both the companies firmly believe that their partnership will enable users to address multisite agency service needs with ease. The full suite of data networking products and services offered by CenturyLink® as a part of their new five-year contract are as follows.

  • Private Line
  • Managed Network Services
  • Virtual Private LANs
  • Ethernet
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • DS1
  • Business Class Broadband
  • High-speed cellular access
  • Microwave Data Access
  • Fixed Satellite Data Access
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The deputy secretary of procurement at the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, Ken Hess said, “CenturyLink® is an established services provider to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This collaboration with Comcast® Business will be instrumental in the delivery of safe, secure, reliable network solutions to our Commonwealth agencies, boards, and departments.”

Steve Hackley, who is the senior vice president, Comcast® Business Services, northeast division said, “Municipalities are engaged in a constant struggle to deliver high-performance networking services to their staff and residents while being cognizant of costs. An increasing number of agencies are finding that partnering with a service provider who has existing technology infrastructure lets them to do this quickly and cost-effectively. Our collaboration with CenturyLink® allows us to offer additional fiber, coax, and wireless solutions so the commonwealth’s agencies, commissions, councils, bureaus, authorities, and boards have the critical last mile of connectivity.”

CenturyLink’s Vice President and General Manager of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Mike Zody, also commented on the topic and said, “This is a natural extension of the plan we laid out with the Commonwealth to provide the latest data networking products and services to these critical agencies. Our collaboration with Comcast Business® enables these organizations to increase bandwidth while taking advantage of innovative new solutions.” Reports indicate that the ability to deliver critical last mile connection due to the partnership between Comcast Business® and CenturyLink® will bring numerous benefits to users.

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