AT&T® Reassures Cell Service in South Walton Will Resume by April 16

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Many of the AT&T® cell phone users have experienced patchy to no service, following their cellular towers in South Walton County went offline in the recent weeks. “Due to the city replacing a water tower, we have had to relocate some of our equipment in Santa Rosa Beach,” said AT&T® spokesperson Rosie Montalvo. “We are working to put a temporary cell site nearby to provide additional service until the relocation work is completed.”

In the meantime, many of the AT&T® customers have expressed grievances to the Telco giant. One of them has said that since the outage of the tower in late March she is yet to get cell phone service from AT&T®. “I have called them from my land line every day and I have gone to the AT&T® store, and they keep moving the date back for when we will have service again, and that is unfortunate,” said Beal. “We all have been without service for more than three weeks now, and I have made multiple complaints. I am fortunate that I have a land line, but we all depend on our cell phone.”

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“The first week was just OK,” said another customer Debra Cannon. “But the last three weeks I have had nothing but dropped calls, static and basically no service at all. My only contact has been a reply that the issues should be corrected by April 5.” Rosie Montalvo said that service will restore only on April 16 and that AT&T® will make adjustments on the subscribers’ cell phone bill as a compensation for the temporary inconvenience.

“Both my wife and I have AT&T® service, which pretty much ceases to work during spring break and the summer when there are a lot of people in town,” said Brian Wood. “My cell doesn’t work in the gallery, but if I step outside, it works better. They definitely should upgrade their service.”

Commenting on the outage, Andre Werneck said that the fastest internet provider is working on 4 cell towers and that most customers who made grievances have homes along Thompson Road as well as Walton County Road 393. “We don’t know what is wrong, but we have turned their LTE data and voice usage off, and that seems to help,” said Werneck who works as Manager of the AT&T® outlet in Santa Rosa Beach.

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