AT&T® Names 3 Cities to Get Mobile 5G This Year

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One of the best internet providers, AT&T®, announced in January that it would launch mobile 5G in a dozen US cities by this year. Now, AT&T® names Waco, Atlanta, and Dallas as the first three cities to get 5G mobile service. It will announce the remaining cities to get mobile 5G in the upcoming months.

AT&T® will open a test lab and innovation centre in Austin to conduct trials and simulate customer experiences prior to launching 5G. “We are working with our vendors on an aggressive schedule to help ensure customers can enjoy 5G when we launch the network this year. We will add more 5G-capable mobile devices and smartphones in early 2019 and beyond,” AT&T® officials said in a press release.

The Telco giant will use non-standalone 5G 3GPP standards to deploy mobile 5G using mmWave spectrum and will add more bandwidths in the future. “After significantly contributing to the first phase of 5G standards, conducting multi-city trials, and literally transforming our network for the future, we’re planning to be the first carrier to deliver standards-based mobile 5G — and do it much sooner than most people thought possible,” said Igal Elbaz, the senior VP of Wireless Network Architecture and Design for AT&T®. “What this means for our customers in these cities is that they will be the very first to access this next generation of wireless services.”

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The company is aggressively planning to virtualize seventy-five percent of the network in two years’ time. “The experience we’ve gained by leading the industry transformation to network virtualization and software control will help our customers to get the most out of 5G. Ultimately, this means new experiences with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), future autonomous cars, and delivery drones,” AT&T® officials further added. “In order for these experiences to become reality, you need mobile 5G powered by SDN and edge computing. We’re making the cloud smarter, faster, and local.”

When asked about the test lab to be launched in Austin, AT&T® said, “The lab will be where our engineers can build and test creative solutions and run ‘stress tests’ simulating real-world customer experiences with mobile 5G network equipment and devices from multiple vendors before they are rolled out to customers. This lab is also equipped with an outdoor 5G testbed to trial a variety of 5G applications and real-world use cases.”

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